Friday, May 31st



    On Friday, May 31st, 2019, the P.S. duPont 7th and 8th grade choral, band, and orchestra ensembles will be traveling to Hershey, Pennsylvania to participate in the Annual Trills and Thrills Festival. Following the performances, which are taking place at Redland High School in Harrisburg, PA, the students will be taken to Hershey Park. This festival allows us to perform with students from other states and to be critiqued by music educators from several universities and/or colleges. The comments we receive are very valuable in strengthening our program. It is a positive experience that will not be forgotten by the students and parents that participate.


    The cost of the trip is $100.00. This money is used to provide coach bus transportation, the required festival fee for each participating student and a deeply discounted ticket to the park. Students must be adhering to P.S. duPont expectations and following the student code of conduct. Students who have been sent to time-out or suspended an excessive number of times will not be permitted to participate.

    All permission slips and payments are due Monday, April 15th, 2019. Checks are to be made payable to P.S. duPont Middle School. There are limited seats available for the trip.


    Our performances tentatively begin at 9:00AM; therefore we will be leaving from P.S. duPont at 6:00AM. We will return to P.S. by 9:30 pm the same day. We highly recommend that students pack a light lunch to eat on the bus after the festival performance and have money to eat dinner and buy souvenirs in the park. Students are to report to school dressed in their performance attire (SOLID BLACK).


    Please consider chaperoning. There is a letter attached that needs to be returned with your child’s permission slip. Chaperones cost $60.00, which covers the bus and your ticket to the park. In May, a ticket at the gate costs $68.95. Chaperones help supervise the busses and help us at the performance by supervising the kids in the audience while we are warming-up and conducting. Unlike the Dorney Park trip, once we get to the park parents are free to explore the park on their own. Students are also free to move about the park provided they are with other students from P.S. duPont. If you are interested please return the form with your payment.


    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.                                     (Chorus) (Band) (Orchestra)


    Please remember the following:

    1. Parents signed a contract at the beginning of the year that explained the behavioral and performance expectations for students to be included on this trip.

    2. Students must have performed in both the December/January and May Concerts to go on the trip.

    3. Students who have been sent to the u-turn room from any of their classes and/or have been suspended in-school or out of school an excessive number of times may not be permitted to go the trip.

    4. Students must demonstrate individual mastery of their music to go on the trip as this is an adjudicated performance.

    5. Demonstrating excellent conduct throughout the school day is crucial for inclusion on this trip as we are taking over 300 music students to an adjudicated setting.

    6. Money raised in fund-raisers by students whose behavior or lack of preparation has removed them from the trip will be rolled into the music fund to help with music department expenses.

    7. There can be no refunds after May 3rd for any reasons. Students who are removed from the trip after that date will receive the park ticket that they paid for when we return from the trip. It will be up to that child’s parent how and if that ticket is used over the summer.