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    If a student can't fit Radio Journalism class into his/her schedule, or if a radio student just can't get enough radio, or if any BSD student - at any school - wants to give radio a try...  


    WMPH after-school Radio Club to the rescue!


    Kids come downstairs to the radio station after school on club days to deejay some more, voicetrack some more, build a podcast, create a music show, create a podcast, interview someone, mix down their music, much more.

    Listen to them hosting music on the air and taking your requests on most Wednesday afternoons! 

    And here are some samples of recorded student work, created after school at WMPH Radio Club!

  • Act One

    by Hope Length: 24:41

    A bright collection of upbeat contemporary Broadway show tunes.

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  • The 2010s

    by Augustus and Osman Length: 56:38
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  • The Traveling Wilburys Show

    by Vannah Length: 31:57

    The music of the short-lived supergroup lives on!  Dylan, Harrison, Petty, Lynne and Orbison.

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  • BSU Feature

    by Nana Length: 1:21

    Nana edited her interview with Mount Pleasant high school teacher Taria Pritchett together with some music to make a short feature about the work and origins of Mount's Black Student Union.

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  • FOYM Part II

    by Deon Length: 59:16

    Rising senior DJ Deon curates an eclectic collection of sonically interesting contemporary sounds, with background information on artist and song, and an analysis on the impact of the music on himself and his peers.

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  • I Was Born in the Wrong Generation

    by Lucas Length: 35:33

    Lucas inventories some great pop music that he was born a little too late to hear when it was fresh on the radio.  Luckily he has the recordings, and the editing skills to collect them into a show!

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