Child Find for Students in Private Schools or Home Schools

girl in front of calendar in classroom
  • If your child attends a non-public (private, parochial, homeschooled) school located within the Brandywine School District, your child may qualify for special education services provided by BSD.  If your child is having academic, behavioral, and/or speech difficulties, you may request an evaluation. A screening meeting will be held to determine if there is suspicion that your child has a disability that requires special education.  If assessments are warranted, your child will be evaluated with your permission, at no cost to you, to determine if they are eligible.  Please call 793-5063 to request a meeting.

    Once the evaluation is completed, you will attend a meeting to discuss your child's case and determine if they are eligible to receive special education services.  If eligible for special education, BSD may provide limited services. These services are provided through a Services Plan.  More information on what BSD provides can be found in the letter Services Available to Students in Parentally Placed Private Schools located within the Boundaries of Brandywine School District and Students who are Homeschooled. If your child is eligible for other services, they are provided through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) available at a Brandywine School District school.  In order to receive those services, your child needs to be enrolled in a BSD public school. 

    If you reside within the Brandywine School District but your child attends a private or parochial school located in another school district, please contact that district for help with the evaluation process.  The local public school district in which the private school resides is responsible for conducting the Child Find process, even if you reside in the Brandywine School District.