MISSION STATEMENT - The Carrcroft community is preparing today's youth for the future by striving to enhance the development of the whole child: physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.  We foster   achievement by setting high standards of academic and social skills in a supportive and positive environment.                        Carrcroft Elementary                           
    GOALS - Our school goals are from the Carrcroft School Strategic Plan:
  • Integrate the state curriculum standards into the educational program.
  • Help children develop positive relationships.
  • Provide professional development activities to address the implementation
       of state curriculum standards and the needs of the staff.
  •  Continue to expand technology education for our students.
  • Link curriculum content areas through thematic and inter-disciplinary approaches.



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    About Us

    MISSION STATEMENT - Our mission at Claymont is to prepare students for the ces
    future through a home, school, and community partnership.  Preparation includes
    providing each student with the opportunity to acquire the strategies necessary
    to reach his/her full potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically, within an invitational setting utilizing research supported educational practices
    and programs.  Parents are a critical part of our mission.  We pledge to work
    closely with parents to help them to help their children.


    • Utilize frequent assessments with improved and timely feedback
    • Use data "selectively and judiciously"
    • Implement research-based instructional strategies
    • Maximize student learning time
    • Promote parental involvement and participation in educational opportunities
    • Promote a safe, productive, and nurturing learning environment (Positive Behavior Support - PBS)
    • Maximize and integrate the use of technology across the curriculum
    • Provide experiences and opportunities to apply and develop creative problem solving skills and higher order thinking skills that enable students to master state Core and District standards which prepare them to compete in the global market.



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    dsMISSION STATEMENT - Our mission is to challenge and motivate all students. We believe all children can learn and succeed if provided with a creative and challenging instructional program in an environment that is safe and is based on respect and high expectations for achievement. Our standards-based curriculum integrates technology and subjects to increase student understanding and develop potential. Through the partnership of parents, staff, students, and community, our children will become life-long learners and valued members of society.

    GOALS - Forwood's School Improvement Goals for the year are:
       - Promote Excellence in Student Achievement; 
       - Establish The Social-Emotional Development of Children Forwood Mascottas an Integral Part of
         the Education  Process

       - Develop Dynamic Community Partnerships; 
        - Ensure That All Staff Have Opportunities to Grow Professionally; 
        - Emphasize Creativity and Problem Solving;
    Prepare Students To Compete Successfully In A Global Economy.

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    About Hanby
                                                                                 HANBY PLEDGE -Today is a new day at Hanby Elementary.  I will be safe.  Ihanby will be responsible.  I will be respectful of myself, others and the world around me.  I will look for the goodness in others.  By working together we can make learning fun.

    VISION STATEMENT - The Hanby Elementary School family of staff, parents, students, and the community, commits itself to a partnership in which all are working to provide a nurturing and challenging learning environment.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all children grow to their full potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically; thus enabling them to excel as life-long learners and effective citizens.

    BES MascotGOALS - Our ultimate goal is to prepare each child for his role in society as a confident, purposeful, fulfilled and coping person.  We sincerely believe in the individual worth of each of our youngsters, and are committed to discovering their unique potential for learning.  Moreover, we are committed to providing instruction that ensures the mastery of basic skills and the nurturance of self-esteem and personal confidence.  To that end, we strive to design a school climate that stimulates an enduring enjoyment of learning and the satisfaction of growing in knowledge, competence, and understanding.  Finally, we emphasize the need for self-control and the inevitable responsibility for the consequences of individual choices.  We also focus much attention on the development of empathy towards others and the communication skills needed to maintain harmony in interaction with peers and those in authority.

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    About Harlan

    Harlan Elementary

    Harlan Staff will provide a safe, structured environment where purposeful learning takes place and all children are valued.  We will help our students achieve academic excellence and social responsibility.  We dedicate ourselves to developing today's learners into tomorrow's leaders through partnership with home and community.

    VISION:  "Challenging students to become responsible learners, reaching new heights."

    Harlan HawkGOALS - Goals are developed annually through the use of a collaborative school improvement process.  A team was established consisting of administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and community members.  Goals and measurable objectives were developed with an appropriate timeline for implementation.  The School Improvement Team met regularly to monitor and assess program effectiveness.  Goals focus on increasing academic achievement in all curricular areas and maintaining a positive, safe school environment.  The School Improvement Team reviewed DSTP disaggregated data developed target percentages for improvement.  The plan recommends continuing and expanding parent workshops to support the academic success of their children.

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    LES About

    lanc MISSION STATEMENT - Lancashire Elementary is committed to providing an educational experience based on the principles of equity, differentiated instruction, and a promise and belief of academic and social success for all, in an environment that encourages collaboration with staff, parents, and community, effective and ongoing assessment, implementation of best teaching practices, and fosters students to excel as life long learners.


    GOALS -
    Lancashire Elementary is committed to:
       • Academic success for all students
       • Reinforcing the belief that children can learn Lancashire Lion
       • Learning and applying principles of equity and anti-racism
       • Ongoing and accurate assessment
       • Linking assessment to instruction
       • Differentiating instruction to meet the needs and abilities of all students
       • Implementing best teaching practices
       • Providing opportunities for students to learn in the most inclusive setting
       • Creating a safe, respectful, nurturing, and positive environment for 
         students to learn and grow
       • Developing strong and lasting partnerships with parents, friends, and the community


    The Lancashire community inspires children to be life long learners who realize their unlimited potential!






    About Lombardy

    lmMISSION STATEMENT - Paving a pathway toward lifelong learning, the Brandywine School District fosters in its students high aspirations, optimal achievement, and the quest to excel.  With its unwavering pursuit of excellence, the district distinguishes itself with an instructional signature of "Inspire and challenge every child every day".  Lombardy is firmly committed to creatively using all of the resources within our extended reach to help all our children appropriately learn to master what isLombardy Mascot good and essential for personal success in daily living.

    GOALS - Provide world-class academic experience that requires use of purposeful thinking/doing skills; Maintain high expectations for academic performance/personal conduct; Instill a respect for diversity in individuals, families and communities; Actively involve parents/guardians in their children's education; Actively involve parents/guardians and community in some aspect of the PTA; Serve children with special learning needs and abilities who find a suitable, purposeful learning environment in a non-restrictive setting; Provide each parent an opportunity to communicate thoughts, questions, concerns and expectations regarding his/her child's education; Provide opportunities for staff and parents to share in the development, implementation and assessment of school priorities, standards and activities; Utilize current/developing technologies to maximize learning for all students.




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    Maple Lane ElementaryMISSION STATEMENT - Our Mission is to prepare all students academically, physically, emotionally, and socially for success in the 21st century in a comfortable and safe environment that is child-centered and embraces diversity, promotes student owl achievement and life-long learning.

    GOALS - Our goal is to create an atmosphere where children are challenged to do their best by a professional, caring, and innovative staff who strive to meet the individual needs of each student.  We are committed to challenge each student to meet or exceed the Delaware State Standards.




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    Mount Pleasant ElementaryMISSION STATEMENT - The community engages the whole child to be academically successful.  We are a partnership of parents, teachers, students, businesses, and service agencies that work collaboratively to ensure academic success for children.  We cultivate a community of responsible learning through mutual respect and integrity with recognition of the value of diversity.  We are committed to the philosophy that all members of our school community have an unlimited capacity to learn.  We provide coherent, consistent education with continuity for children over time.MPE Mascot

    GOALS - The Committee (principal, staff, parents) meet regularly to evaluate the School Improvement Plan and set annual goals.  We are focusing on developing a school atmosphere that supports mutual respect and the value of diversity, improving student achievement in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies and developing interdisciplinary teaching units, establishing positive parent/school relationships, and fostering extended community involvement in the school.