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    About PS 

    P. S. duPont Middle School, a diverse community of students, parents and staff, is committed to success and continual growth of all, providing a challenging standards-based education with high expectations for student achievement in a safe and nurturing environment.

    MISSION STATEMENT -The students, parents and staff of P. S. duPont Middle School will:

    • Provide a safe, comfortable environment to encourage learning and discovery

    • Encourage a positive home-school partnership to support student achievement

    • Generate enthusiasm for learning

    • Address the unique needs of each learner

    • Develop intellectual curiosity, leadership, integrity, and personal responsibility

    • Support social, emotional, and physical growth
    • Provide professional development opportunities to support student progress

    GOALS - Our staff, through partnerships with home and community, will help students:  (1) develop the personal traits and attitudes necessary to become productive citizens; (2) develop self-reliance within the framework of our society; (3) improve the basic learning skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, computation and problem-solving; (4) cultivate good decision-making and critical thinking skills; (5) develop good work and study habits; (6) develop a knowledge and appreciation of aesthetic values; (7) accept each other as equals and to respect individual differences; (8) develop leadership, self-expression, integrity, and a sense of personal responsibility; (9) increase each child's self-esteem.

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    Graphic:  About Springer Middle School

    MISSION STATEMENT - It is the mission of Springer Middle School to create a safe, consistent, and caring academic environment.  This environment provides all students with the opportunity to achieve their fullest personal and academic potential in becoming productive and responsible citizens.  In addition, we provide the training, experience, and tools to improve student achievement.  At Springer Middle School, our focus is on providing the needed structure for today's student, while developing the individual child's experience and education.
    1. To develop self-directed learners who independently acquire information and skills so goals can be attained
    2. To develop responsible citizens who understand and accept the rights and responsibilities of self and others, and respect community rules.
    3. To develop collaborative individuals who contribute to group goals and cooperate in academic and social endeavors.
    4. To develop effective communicators who read, write, learn and speak effectively to achieve academic and person objectives.
    5. To develop problem solvers who recognize a problem, generate and evaluate possible solutions.
    6. To prepare students for a changing economic society.
    7. To develop an understanding to America's diverse melting pot.
    8. To make school fun and enjoyable.
    9. To develop adolescents committed to physical fitness, non-violence, and healthy living.

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    Graphic:  About Talley Middle School
    Our Mission: 

    Embrace, Inspire and Challenge Every Student Every Day
    The mission of Talley Middle School is to prepare each student for a rapidly changing world by creating an educational environment that enables each student to achieve personal excellence and lifelong skills. Our responsibility is to challenge every child every day. We believe that an individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own education. However, teachers, administrators, family members, the community and society are instrumental in structuring the environment that will allow each student to reach their maximum growth. 
    Our Goals:
    1. To provide all students with skills to meet or exceed State Standards.
    2. To cooperatively work with parents and families to improve learning.
    3. To work with students towards interactive participation.
    4. To develop a collaborative learning community characterized by respect and trust.
    5. To respect the values, philosophies and cultures of various ethnic and social groups
    6. To deliver inquiry-based instruction that will enable students to transition to high school and to be challenged to be life-long learners

    Our Motto:
    Go the extra degree! At 211 degrees, water is hot, but at 212 degrees, water boils. One degree makes all the difference - as does that one extra degree of effort in all that you do in life.
    The Talley Way: 
             Have a positive attitude 
             Show Kindness 
             Believe in themselves 
             Stay Focused