• Buzz Bucks


    Students who are caught being GREEN by any teacher or staff member may have the opportunity to earn a Buzz Buck!


    Students can then turn in their Buzz Buck for rewards!


    Examples of rewards that student and teacher can agree to.

    For 10 Buzz Bucks a student may:

    ·       Sit with a special friend at lunch

    ·       Have lunch with their teacher

    ·       Sit in the teacher’s chair during class time

    ·       Be a helper in another classroom

    ·       Be the first one in the lunch line

    ·       Be the leader of a class game

    ·       Be the line leader or the caboose

    ·       Choose a book for the teacher to read aloud to the class

    ·       Choose music for the class to hear

    ·       Choose which homework problem the teacher will give the answer to for a freebie

    ·       Dance to favorite music in the classroom

    ·       Do half of an assignment

    ·       Draw on the chalkboard

    ·       Draw on a small white board at desk

    ·       Draw pictures on the chalkboard while the teacher reads to the class (illustrating the story being read)

    ·       Earn an item such as a Frisbee, hula hoop, jump rope, paddleball or sidewalk chalk, which promote physical activity

    ·       Earn extra computer time

    ·       Earn extra credit

    ·       Earn the privilege of emailing a parent at work telling of accomplishments

    ·       Eat lunch outdoors with the class

    ·       Enjoy a positive visit with the principal

    ·       Enjoy class outdoors for the whole class

    ·       Get “free choice” time at the end of the day

    ·       Get a “no homework” pass

    ·       Get a flash cards set printed from a computer

    ·       Get extra art time

    ·       Go on a walking field trip (earn privilege for whole class)

    ·       Go to the library to select a book to read

    ·       Have a teacher read a special book to the entire class

    ·       Have an extra recess

    ·       Keep a stuffed animal at desk

    ·       Listen to music while working

    ·       Listen with a headset to a book on audiotape

    ·       Make deliveries to the office

    ·       Pick a game at recess that everyone plays including the teacher

    ·       Play a computer game

    ·       Play a favorite game or puzzle

    ·       Read a book to the class

    ·       Read morning announcements

    ·       Read outdoors

    ·       Read to a younger class

    ·       Receive a 5-minute chat break at the end of the class or at the end of the day

    ·       Receive a note of recognition from the teacher or principal

    ·       Receive verbal praise

    ·       Sit at the teacher's desk for the day or a set amount of time

    ·       Sit next to the teacher during story time 
    ·       Sit with a friend at lunch, assembly, etc.
    ·       Trade in for an item from School Store

      Trade in for an item from School Store


    *    Trade in for items at School Store