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    MISSION STATEMENT - The mission of BHS is to develop intellectually inquisitive, mentally astute, and personally self-confident responsible adults.  The learning foundations built at BHS will serve as a fundamental component of a lifelong educational structure.  This will be accomplished through a comprehensive program providing broad educational opportunities, presented by a professional teaching and support staff committed to helping all students find the path to a better future.  Additionally BHS functions as a center for neighborhood
                                                                                and community activities.
    BHS BullldogGOALS - Our goal is to customize the educational program for our students in order for them to reachBHS Coat of Arms their greatest potential.  The comprehensive curriculum offers depth and challenge for all students, whether their goal is continuing education or immediate employment.  BHS strives to educate its students for the 21st Century, preparing them to assume the responsibilities of adulthood.  BHS is diligent in its educational mission, knowing that it must teach each student that education is a lifelong journey and not a destination.  Encouraging its students to supplement and enrich their academic experience with extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, BHS guides its students to seek academic challenges, explore artistic talents, and pursue athletic experiences.  We seek to make every student realize that the high school experience is the beginning of lifelong learning.

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    MISSION STATEMENT - The mission of Concord High School is to create a challenging academic environment with courses of study which recognize individual differences, accept students where they are, direct them toward attainable goals, and foster a  positive attitude toward learning.  Concord High School provides experiences that help students become more self-aware, more sensitive to the needs of others, and more conscious of human dignity.

    Concord High School is a diverse community of committed faculty and students dedicated to the intellectual, social, physical, and artistic growth of each student. At Concord students develop CHS Raiderthe ability to reason, compute and communicate, and apply these skills independently. Concord expects its students to develop and improve their self-esteem, self-discipline, respect for authority, consideration of others, and acceptance of responsibility to the community. Concord's students also acquire skills useful in recreation, in future employment, and in maintaining good health. Concord seeks to create an environment that encourages a positive attitude toward individual growth, the process of learning, and the acceptance of responsibility for one's decisions and actions.

     GOALS - Concord High School will provide:  (1) Courses of study that recognize individual differences; aCHS Coat of Armsccept students where they are and direct them toward obtainable goals; (2) challenges to the student in problem-solving experiences; experiences that help student deal with current and projected issues; (3) opportunities to acquire and improve communication skills; (4) experiences that help students become more aware of themselves, sensitive to the needs of others; and conscious of human dignity; (5) opportunities that increase personal responsibility; (6) situations that encourage self-expression and lead to clearer understanding of self-worth; (7) opportunities that foster a positive attitude about learning; (8) equitable opportunities in curricular and extracurricular activities; (9) skills and services that will aid the student in seeking employment and/or higher education.



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    About MPHS

    Mount Pleasant High SchoolMISSION STATEMENT - The faculty and administration of Mount Pleasant strive to pursue academic excellence in all aspects of student teaching and learning.  We believe in the capacity of all students to develop their academic skills and intrinsic motivation for learning.  Through the development of a rigorous program of study, our students are empowered to achieve at the highest level.  We work to continually develop, implement, and measure progress toward the standards which are aligned with the school district missionMPHS Mascot statement and the State of Delaware.

    GOALS - As the first public school in the state of Delaware approved to teach the International Baccalaureate Programme we continue to provide academic challenges at the highest level. Our primary goal in all our academic areas is to provide integrated curriculum opportunities which meet the diverse needs of our students. As responsible informed citizens, our students are taught to be self-directed learners who contribute to a global society. Inservice programs directed toward training teachers appropriately for the delivery of effective instruction are an integral part of our continued growth as a school.