• This year's Elementary Young Brandywine Exhibit will be held March 5, 2020- March 15, 2020 at the Blue Ball Barn

    The YBAE is held each year around March.  Forwood's opening night to view the show is March 5th from 5:00pm-7:30pm. All my students who are in the show should receive their invitations for the show by Friday, February 28th.  All the elementary schools typically try to select a wide variety yet small percentage of our students’ work.  It is a very difficult process to choose a margin of 15-20% of our students.

    Congratulations to this year’s YBAE artists!

  •   Abigail Golden

      Aisha Adeleye

      Allison Fillioe

      Aminah Mohammed

      Amir Savage

      Andrea Garcia Alvarado

      Andy Jimenez-Estrada

      Angelina Torres

      Anika Mehla

      Annabel Wisher

      Anne Casner

      Anthony “TJ” Lantzer

      Anthony Mangano

      Aria Stout

      Ariana Warrington

      Ashmit Naik

      Aubrey Dixon

      Austin Sheard

      Ava Schelling

      Azmain Zarif

      Brendan Song

      Brenna Helmick

      Brogan Corder

      Caelie Spencer

      Dalton Gills

      Daniel Branch

  •   Daya Nair

      Devan Patel

      Dione Daniels

      Dominic Thomas

      Dylan Crouse

      Ella Doherty

      Ella Mazur

      Erica Fisher

      Eshwar Nair

      Eva Ackerman

      Evangeline Mitchell

      Faith Hullinger

      Gabriel Hullinger

      Gabriella Fillioe

      Gage Blevins

      Gianna Rivera

      Gracie Kelly

      Halina Huynh

      Jaden Yee

      Jakhi Edwards

      James Lieb-Williams

      James Turner-Jones

      Jayden Ni

      Jazmin Molina

      Jia Sanders

      Journey Owens

      Juliette Kallish

      Kailee Ketter

      Kasia Schmidt

  •   Katherine Byrne

      Kaylee Kettner

      Kennedy Byrne

      LeeAnn Forbes

      Lesly Bautista-Laredo

      Lia Yaghoobian

      Logan Wilkers

      Lyana Guzman

      Manaal Azam

      MarNisha "Penny" Dues

      Nico Antonelli

      Paul Milligan

      Prakrit Vaish

      Pratishtha Mangla

      Ricardo Zuniga

      Richard Gommer

      Riley Joswick

      “Ross” Owen Sosnitskiy

      Rowdela Rahman

      Ruth Sheard

      Samantha Nguyen

      Samuel Stoume

      Shayliani Mitchell

      “TJ” Tirard Wisher

      Vanya Yohay

      Varshini Balaji

  • Want to see more artwork?

    Check out our students' online digital art portfoilios at https://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=38559

    This is an amazing way for students to learn about portfolios, digital portfolios, documenting the art process, and photography.