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    Freshman Focus

    Student/Parent Handbook



    Mission and Rationale 


    Freshman Focus Mission Statement

    The Freshman Focus Team will strive to ease students’ transition to high school and to maximize student academic and personal growth by fostering a sense of community, while supporting each individual student’s needs.


    What are we trying to do? / What problems are we trying to address? 

    The difficulties of students’ transition from middle school to high school is a well-researched and documented issue in education.  The Freshman Focus program at Brandywine High School will be led by a group of teachers dedicated primarily to teaching first-time ninth grade students.  These teachers will collaborate regularly to provide a consistent framework for learning as well as various supports for students.  This team will be supported by an Assistant Principal whose primary focus for the school year will be the success of all first year students at Brandywine.


    The purposes of this program are to:

    • Create a sense of community and belonging within the freshman class
    • Work to ease the transition from middle school to high school by providing detailed information and a common language in several areas including:
      • GPA, Promotion, Graduation, and Requirements for post-secondary admission
      • Processes and procedures at BHS
      • Providing additional support for struggling students
      • A restorative approach to student conduct
    • Maintain clear, consistent expectations for students
    • Create a collaborative and collegial environment for teachers 
    • Increase student engagement in academics
    • Increase student engagement in athletics / clubs / activities
    • Increase pass rates in individual core subjects without lowering expectations
    • Provide additional services in a timely fashion