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    General Information 



    Byron Murphy, Assistant Principal

    Beryl Gamiel, Nurse

    Heather Hackenbrack, Counseling Office Secretary

    Kreig Joseph, Counselor (Last Names A-K)

    Renee Kershaw, Counselor (Last Names L-Z)

    Susan Hullman, Counselor (College & Career)

    Lisa Street, Counseling Department Chair

    Sarah Teaney, Welless Center

    Rick Shea, Athletic Director

    Susanne Bounds, Building Special Education Coordinator


    Freshman Focus Teaching Staff



    Doug Lieux

    Heidi Walker

    Jahsha Tabron


    Greg Erskine

    Julie Adams


    Anne Munson

    Kyle Rodkey

    Greg Stein

    Social Studies

    Matt Houck

    Elaine Lambert

    David Vagnoni

    World Languages

    Philip Campbell


    Code of Conduct Information


    The purpose of this section is to highlight a couple of sections of our district Code of Conduct.  The full Brandywine School District Code of Conduct is available online at lin link below.



    Attendance:  Every parent and/or legal guardian of a child between the ages of 5-18 isrequired and hasthe responsibility to assure that his/her child attends school

    (unless the child has been withdrawn). The District shall comply with all attendance laws and regulations of the state.


    Excused Absence: An excused absence is an absence for one of the reasons listed below and for which the required parental/professional note of explanation has been presented on or before the fifth day of the student’s return to school. A student’s absence will be marked as unexcused in the Student Accounting System until the parental/professional note is provided.


    Note: Excused absences are included in the maximum number of absences permitted to meet the Delaware Department of Education’s requirement of attendance for 85% of instructional time to qualify for promotions to the next grade or to receive course credit.

    Maximum Number Of Absences Permitted For School Year for students in grades 6-12 is 13 absences.


    Students must attend school each day it is in session. The following conditions only will result in an excused absence:

    • Illness of the student (a physician’s note may be requested)
    • Scheduled appointments to a physical or mental healthcare provider, including, but not limited to, a physician, dentist, orthodontist, and psychologist
    • Death in the immediate family; funerals of other relatives or close friends
    • Contagious disease in the home of the child subject to regulations of the Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Social Services
    • Legal business requiring the student’s presence
    • Suspension or expulsion from school
    • Observance of religious holidays
    • Remedial health treatment
    • Absence, pre-approved by the principal, to view a college or university
    • Authorized school-sponsored activities
    • Emergency situations as determined by the school principal
    • Absences related to military deployment or military moves (a copy of military orders will be required)


    Following such an absence, the student shall be allowed to make up all work missed, to take tests that were missed, and to submit any assignments which became due during the absence without penalty. The time allowed for taking tests or turning in assignments shall be equal to the number of school days or number of class meetings missed due to the absence. A teacher may extend the time for making up work missed if circumstances of the situation merit such action. Excused absences for religious observances will not interfere with achieving perfect attendance.




    Student Dress Code:  Philosophical Basis - The goal at the Brandywine School District is to create an environment conducive to learning and appropriate for an educational setting. With this in mind, the following conditions have been adopted for students attending school in our district. Items of clothing not specifically covered in the list below can be prohibited at the discretion of the administration. Students in violation of the dress code will be required to change into clothes that meet the school expectations. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.


    Brandywine School District has established common expectations of student dress. We believe in promoting an appropriate, safe, and academic learning environment. Student clothing must not be a distraction to the learning environment. Students must adhere to the following guidelines in school and at school-sponsored events.


    1. Clothing with inappropriate, suggestive, or derogatory pictures or phrases may not be worn.
    2. Clothing designed to be worn as undergarments may not be visible.
    3. No headwear is to be worn in the building during the school day. This includes, but is not limited to: hat, bandana, scarf, earmuffs, sunglasses,or any other head covering, including hoods. (Exception: Any headwear worn for religious beliefs with the appropriate documentation)
    4. Shirts and blouses that leave the midriff bare are prohibited.
    5. All shirts must have sleeves.
    6. Heavy, bulky jackets, or overcoats, as determined by the administration, should be placed in lockers.
    7. Shorts and skirts are to be respectable and modest length.
    8. Pants and shorts are to be worn at the waist and a belt is strongly recommended. (Pajamas are prohibited)
    9. Excessively tight clothing is not permitted.
    10. Clothing with frayed edges or visible holes are not permitted. (Unless there is a layer of clothing under the frayed item)
    11. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times (slippers are not permitted).
    12. Students wearing jewelry or accessories that may be considered unsafe or inappropriate to the learning environment may be subject to review by the administration.
    13. Any other garments or accessories that would be a distraction to the orderly educational process are prohibited


    Cell Phones: The Student Code of Conduct states that “Students are not permitted to use cell phones/electronic devices during the school day…”  This document goes on to say that “Cell phones/electronic devices must be turned off and put away during the school day and anytime the student is on the school bus.” (See page 42 of the Student Code of Conduct).  Despite these instructions, we have found that cell phones can still be a significant distraction for students.  The leadership of BHS has instituted the following guidelines for use at our school.


    In brief, student cell phones and accessories (and related electronic devices) must remain turned off or silenced, out of sight, and not used during instructional times unless explicitly permitted by the teacher for instructional purposes. Students may use their cell phone during the designated lunch period, in the hallways between class periods, and before/after school. Students who violate the cell phone usage expectations are subject to the Brandywine School District Code of conduct.

    School administrators may also confiscate cell phones when school routines and expectations are not followed. If a student does not follow teacher redirection to silence and store their phone:

    • The student will be given a second opportunity to correct the problem as the teacher again redirects and reminds the student of the expectation.
    • If the behavior is not corrected, then a Dean or Administrator will be notified to come collect the phone. 
    • Under no circumstances should a teacher confiscate a student’s electronic device.
    • Note that testing proctors are regularly required to collect student cell phones in secure testing situations
    • The phone will be locked away in an administrative office. 
    • Parents will be called when a cell phone has been confiscated by an administrator.
    • If confiscated, the phone will be returned at the end of the day.
    • If cell phone violations become a chronic problem, a parent will be contacted and further disciplinary action will be considered.
    • If an administrator is called to deal with a specific student’s cell phone three times during a single week, the student may temporarily lose the privilege of having a cell phone at school.


    Please be reminded that students who possess a device do so at their own risk to possible loss, damage or liability. Brandywine School District will not be responsible for the recovery of lost or stolen electronic devices.