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    Freshman Focus

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    Freshman Seminar 



    Rationale and Students Served:  All first-time ninth grade students are enrolled in the Brandywine High School Freshman Focus program.  Freshman Focus students have core classes (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies)  in which only other Freshman Focus students are enrolled.  In general, world language is considered a core class.  Many Freshman Focus students will be enrolled in world language classes with upperclassmen - primarily because of the variety of world language classes that must be offered to freshmen.  The Freshman Seminar course is an important part of this program and every student will be enrolled in this course though some situations exist where it may not be possible for a student’s schedule to accommodate the Freshman Seminar course.  The main purpose of this course is to ease the transition from middle to high school through instruction and activities in the following areas.


    Course Outline:


    Marking Period 1:

    • Student Safety
      • COVID-19 protocols
      • Emergency preparedness
      • The BHS Behavior Matrix
      • Online Safety
    • High School 101
      • Applied Digital Skills - The Digital Portfolio
      • Long-range planning and consequences of performance in high school
      • The BHS Homework Club and other ways to get help
      • What’s next?  Options for after high school
    • Study Skills - Introduction
      • Listening & Note Taking
      • Organization


    Marking Period 2:

    • Applied Digital Skills (continued) - The Google Suite
    • Study Skills (continued)
      • Preparing for tests
      • Memory 
      • Graphic Organizers
      • Course-specific skills
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Introduction to the college search process


    Marking Period 3:

    • Scheduling for sophomore year
    • Preparing for college admissions exams (like the SAT)
    • Goal setting
    • Career planning


    Marking Period 4:

    • Options for after high school
      • College
        • Admissions
        • Costs
        • Choosing a major
      • Military
      • Direct to the workforce
    • Reflecting on the seminar course