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    Freshman Focus

    Student/Parent Handbook



    Interventions for Struggling Students 



    General:  A core group of Freshman Focus teachers will meet at least once per week. One key standing item on the agenda for this meeting is to discuss and plan interventions for struggling students.  Intervention options include but are not limited to:


      1. Homework Club - see Section #4 above for additional information
      2. Schedule Change (e.g. from or to Honors Section) - if a course is deemed to provide too little challenge or too much of a challenge a course change will be discussed.  If deemed appropriate and agreed to by the parent, the student’s schedule will be changed.
      3. Schedule Change into RtI Section - State of Delaware regulations require that students with specific standardized test results receive additional math and/or English services through a program called Response to Intervention or RtI.  After the fall administration of the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) standardized test, students who fall below a threshold score will be scheduled into an RtI class.
      4. Check in / Check out - For some students the establishment of regular contact with a trusted adult can have a major impact.  Effort will be expended to identify the right staff member and the student will be asked to touch base with that staff member at the beginning and end of each school day.
      5. Behavior Contract - Students for whom disruptive behavior becomes chronic may be placed on a behavior contract designed to specifically identify problem behaviors and to support the student in moving beyond them.
      6. Attendance Contract - Students for whom attendance is a major issue may be placed on an attendance contract.  The Brandywine School District also employs visiting teachers who are responsible for ensuring that families adhere to mandatory attendance laws of the State of Delaware.
      7. Academic Progress Monitoring - Once a specific academic issue is identified and supports are put in place, the team will monitor the student’s progress and the interventions will be adjusted as necessary.
      8. Parent Conference - It is the goal of the BHS Freshman Focus program to partner with parents to help students achieve academic success.  We will strive to communicate regularly with parents to celebrate student achievement and to address impediments to learning proactively.