Taking Care of Your BSD Chromebook

  • The devices loaned to students from BSD are to be used for learning at home and, eventually, at school. Every student is responsible for taking care of their device.

    • Please handle the device and its chargers with care. Keep them away from food, drinks, and pets.
    • Start your learning day with your device fully charged. Be aware of tripping hazards while it is charging.
    • Please do not decorate your device with stickers or decals.
    • Leave the asset tag and serial numbers on the device.
    • If you are instructed to come into school, please charge your device and leave the charging cable at home.
    • Close your Chromebook when you need to carry it. Do not carry it by the screen as this can cause damage to the screen.
    • Never place objects on top of your Chromebook, even if it's closed.
  • If you experience trouble using your device, click here.