Dress Code During Remote Learning

siblings on computer at home
  • The traditional BSD dress code will be relaxed during remote learning; however, the Code of Conduct still applies. Because students will be visible on video during interactive lessons, here are guidelines.

    • No restrictions on colors, material, or patterns of tops or bottoms (subject to the rule listed below), and no requirement for a collared shirt at the elementary level.
    • If a student is wearing something on their head, the teacher may ask them to remove it so that visual contact can be made and unnecessary distractions eliminated. Exceptions will be made for religious beliefs or special health conditions.
    • All tops must cover the shoulders, chest, and midriff.
    • Bottoms must be at least mid-thigh in length if visible on video.
    • Clothing designed to be worn as undergarments may not be visible.

    We hope these relaxed rules give families more flexibility. At the same time, we believe that there must be a standard for acceptable dress with students being visible on video on a regular basis. For that reason, the rules regarding inappropriate, suggestive, derogatory, or offensive images or phrases on clothing still apply.

    Click here for the standard BSD dress code.