Schedule changes will not be accepted after September 30, 2022 unless there are extenuating circumstances.


    Schedule Changes Will Be Considered If:

    1. missing a core class, pathway, or graduation requirement.
    2. incorrect level (i.e., should be in Honors and was scheduled for CP or AP instead). Teacher and parent must agree in writing.
    3. verifiable physical or emotional concern (i.e., previously failed a course with the same teacher, a recent accident requires Physical Education to be delayed). Documentation required.
    4. scheduled in a course you did not request (being scheduled in an alternate is not a scheduling error)


    Schedule Changes Will Not Be Considered If You:

    • Want a different teacher or period
    • Want to be in class with a friend
    • Want to be out of a class with a certain student/teacher

    Being placed in an alternate does not meet the criteria.


    How to request a schedule change:

    Please review the above information before making a schedule change request

    To request a schedule change that meets the criteria above, pick up a Request for Change in Schedule form from the School Counseling office and fill it in completely with all required signatures. Submit the completed form to your school counselor prior to the drop date of Friday, September 30, 2022


    Brandywine High School Counselors