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Secondary SEL

  • Students’ social-emotional competencies affect school climate and learning in the classroom. Suite360:Student provides consistent delivery of social-emotional learning as both classroom-based and student-driven experiences.

    Suite360:Student comes with a content library and curriculum that responds to the growing list of challenges that students face. Content includes videos, interactive games, articles, and other engaging multimedia. All content is tagged by topic and grade and includes lessons on such topics as mental health, self-awareness, communication, sexting, college prep, and more.

    The second tier of Suite 360 can help turn discipline issues into learning opportunities. Suspensions and expulsions can reward inappropriate conduct and negatively impact student learning. Schools and districts across the country are moving away from out-of-school suspensions and toward more constructive disciplinary practices. Suite360:Intervention turns discipline into a learning opportunity by providing students with lessons based on their infraction. Some of these conduct issues are drug and alcohol use, lateness and absences, vaping, and intolerance of others. Each lesson provides students with the opportunity to learn the impact of their actions and help decide how to make things right with the victim and any others affected. “Students who participate in [the Restorative Practices] process are more likely to gain positive attitudes toward authority and to the concepts of fairness and justice (National Center Brief, 2009, p. 5-6).”