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    Local Artist Profiles (LAP)


    Super 91.7 WMPH broadcasts district-wide and continues to be a vital part of the BSD broadcast engineering and communications pathways for our high school students.  Every Spring our radio students interview some of the local bands and singer-songwriters who we play on the station.   The interviews are conducted live on the air during the musician's visit, then the recorded audio is artfully mixed with music by the artists.  Throw in some narration, maybe some sound effects, and voila!
    The resulting programs are called Local Artist Profiles (LAP), and they air on WMPH every Monday and Wednesday night at 8:00pm, and Sunday at 3:00pm. 
    If you miss them on the radio or the web streaming, you can still listen in using the links below.

    Please check back again right here for more updates -- and keep listening to Super 91.7 WMPH!
    Listen to the radio or the streaming for a Local Artist Profile every Monday and Wednesday night at 8:00pm, Sunday at 3:00pm, or click on the bold name below to hear it now.

  • Jason from Apache Trails

    by Vaughn Length: 29:30

    Jason Webb plays guitar and sings for Apache Trails, a local Americana band that's playing Bromberg's BIG NOISE Festival at the Wilmington Waterfront in June.    Jason took the time to come by and talk about music, the industry, and driving hack with WMPH staffer Vaughn.

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  • Jea Street, Jr.

    by Tristan Length: 29:30

    Musician, educator and community organizer Jea Street, Jr. has been a real friend to high school radio, stopping by to interview at WMPH three times in early 2018!   One of those visits was an in-depth interview with WMPH staffer Tristan.

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  • Grace Vonderkuhn

    by Willow Length: 29:30

    Grace Vonderkuhn is a rocker from the Brandywine Valley who plays venues ranging from huge midwestern music festivals to hip Brooklyn clubs.  She had some time in between gigs to come by WMPH studios to interview with WMPH staffer Willow.

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  • FishCastle

    by Aidan Length: 29:30

    Catherine Selin and Cyril Caster make up the folk duo FishCastle, a band that often donates performances to the annual fundraising concert for Delaware Pacem in Terris and other worthy local causes.   They had a some stories and some music for WMPH staffer Aidan.

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  • Rusty Blue

    by James Length: 29:30

    Rusty Blue is pretty close to being WMPH's "house band".  Besides being composed of all Mount Pleasant Green Knights, they also have given us plenty of live music over the years, playing for our WMPH Fundraiser Concerts at WCL Queen.    WMPH staffer James sat down with them to talk.

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  • Olivia Rubini

    by Jacquelline Length: 29:30

    Up-and-coming Hockessin singer-songwriter Olivia Rubini came by to chat and sing with WMPH staffer Jacquelline.

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  • John Flynn

    by Christian Length: 29:30

    John Flynn stopped by to chat and play guitar in the WMPH studios with WMPH staffer Christian.

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  • Joe Campbell

    by Shawn Length: 29:30

    Local singer-songwriter Joe Campbell makes great music and gives a great interview.  WMPH staffer Shawn was his host.

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  • Jessica Graae

    by Shifreya Length: 29:30

    Jessica Graae came by to talk with WMPH staffer Shy-Nizzle.

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  • Nik Everett

    by Thomas Length: 29:30

    Nik Everett came by WMPH studios to play music and talk with WMPH staffer Thomas.

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  • Kaloni Baylor

    by Kyle Length: 29:30

    Up-and-coming keyboardist and singer-songwriter Kaloni Baylor visited and played for Kyle here at WMPH Production Studio 2.

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  • Joseph Francis Reilly

    by Will Length: 29:30

    Joseph Francis Reilly is a music therapist, songwriter and all-around fun interview.   He came by to talk with WMPH staffer Will.

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  • Leslie Carey

    by Josh Length: 29:30

    Arden singer-songwriter (and Mount parent) Leslie Carey came by to play keys and talk with WMPH staffer Josh.

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  • Bethany Bullington

    by Ayman Length: 29:30

    Bethany Bullington sings and plays stand-up bass, often with local Bellefonte favorites The Bullet.   This interview was conducted by Ayman.

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  • Richie Rubini

    by Taj Length: 29;30

    Hockessin music producer Richie Rubini brought his insights into music production to WMPH, staffer Taj was his host.

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  • Angelee

    by Drew Length: 29:30

    Local singer-songwriter Angelee stopped by to sing for us, he was interviewed by Drew.

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  • Charlotte and Frank

    by Donnell Length:

    Singer and WMPH advocate/advisor Charlotte Hash and attorney/singer-songwriter Frank Baldo stopped by to interview with radio students at WMPH!

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  • Larkin Salemi

    by Malachi Length: 29 min
    Vocalist Larkin Salemi is part of the local band Splashing Pearls, a favorite of WMPH listeners.   She was kind enough to visit with WMPH staffer Malachi for a wide-ranging interview.
    Larkin and Malachi

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  • Ta'Nia Henson

    by Latoya Length: 23 min
    Up-and-coming songstress Ta'Nia Henson is a Mount student, too.   Latoya was curious about a few things.
    TaNia and Latoya

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  • The One2's

    by Sam Length: 30 min
    The One2's were represented by Sean Bombz and Leiana, and interviewed by Sam.
    Sam and The One2s  

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  • Monkeys Before Men

    by James Length: 30 min
    James (foreground) interviewed Monkeys Before Men, who are MPHS students (L-R) Teddy, Scott, and Chris.
    James with MB4M  

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  • Mel Donovan

    by Jared Length: 30 min
    Mel Donovan is one third of local group Donovan, Orr and Sutton.
    Jared and Mel Donovan  

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  • KBG

    by Brendon Length: 30 min
    KBG stands for "Kick Butts Generation", the MPHS smoking prevention group.
    Julie with KBG  

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  • Ken Sutton

    by Everett Length: 30 min
    Ken Sutton is one third of local group Donovan, Orr and Sutton.
    Everett and Ken Sutton  

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  • Johnny Kay

    by Melanie Length: 30 min
    Edgemoor's Johnny Kay was Bill Haley's right hand man during those "Rock Around the Clock" days, and he's still going strong with his Rockabilly Rockets.
    Melanie and John Kay  


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  • Gretchen Emery

    by Nicole Length: 30 min
    Gretchen Emery from country-rock group Gretchen Emery and Dirty Boots is an RN from New Castle.
    Nikki and Gretchen Emery  

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  • Greg Austin

    by Alex Length: 30 min
    Greg Austin is a jazz guitarist on the weekends, and a dedicated para-educator by day here at Mount Pleasant High School.   He also coaches his interviewer Alex in football and track.
    Alex and Greg Austin  

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  • D Corridori

    by DJ Sasquatch Length: 30 min
    D Corridori is a guitarist and bluesman who made up one third of ex-local group RocBox.
    D Corridori and Aaron  

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  • Adeola and Emily

    by Juwan Length: 30 min
    Adeola and Emily are students at Mount Pleasant High School.
    Adeola and Emily and Juwan

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  • Ellen Lebowitz and Tom Palmer

    by Max Length: 30 min
    Max and Ellen Lebowitz and Tom Palmer

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  • Peter Scobell

    by Joe Length:
    Joe and Peter Scobell

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  • Sara Bush

    by Jordan Length:
    Sara Bush and Jordan

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  • Geri Smith

    by Logan Length:
    Geri Smith and Logan

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  • New Sweden

    by Mr. Wishengrad Length:
    New Sweden and Mr W.

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Last Modified on June 7, 2018