• The Superintendent's Playlist

    District chief Dr. Mark Holodick began this one-hour music show around Thanksgiving of 2012, and several BSD colleagues and friends of WMPH have guest hosted ever since.     In the original SIP format, our guest host lines up about a dozen songs and introduces them, along with a few words about what the song means to them.    
    Our new SIP 2.0 format features each of the host's six songs alternating with some discussion and a "reply song" by the student co-host.  Sometimes our hosts have themes for their playlists, or even mystery themes which you can guess for a prize!
    Listen to the radio or the streaming for episodes of "The Superintendent's Playlist" every Thursday at 9:00am or Sunday evening at 7:00pm, or click on the name below to hear it now.

  • Patrick Sutton 1

    by Zaria Length:

    Zaria sits and has a talk with Patrick Sutton from the Math department here at Mount Pleasant.


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  • Iman Turner 2

    by Arielle Length:

    Iman Turner, one of the guidance counselors at Mount Pleasant High School, comes back to WMPH for another Superintendent's Playlist with Arielle. 


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  • Jason Hale 1

    by Shawn Length:

    Dr. Jason Hale, CFO of the Brandywine School District, hosted an SIP with songs from his childhood  student produced by Shawn.


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  • Jacobi Simmons 1

    by Jadyn Length:

    Mr. Jacobi Simmons, audio/visual teacher at Mount Pleasant, sits down with student, Jadyn, to exchange some personally meaningful songs. Chill out with the Rnb and Funk songs and listen in to these two mellow fellows! 


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  • Cary Riches 1

    by Jacquelynn Length:

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Cary Riches stopped by to exchanged songs with Wmph staff Jacquelynn. 


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  • Michelle Kutch 1

    by Shifreya Length:

    Dr.Kutch sits down alongside with Shifreya one off the staffs here at WMPH. Listen as they comapare very great artists and their music!


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  • Alexis Andrianopoulos 4

    by America Length:

    The district's PIO came by to swap songs with America.


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  • Jean Beadle 1

    by Terryn Length:

    IB guidence counselor stoped  by to trade good music with Dj Honey.


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  • Iman Turner 1

    by Maya Length:

    Mount guidance counselor Iman Turner visits with WMPH staffer Maya to trade songs that mean a lot to them.


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  • Curi Lawrence 2

    by Nico Length:

    Mount Assistant Principal Curi Lawrence takes us back to the good old days for some music she grew up with.


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  • Ms. Bonnie 1

    by David Length:

    Mount Pleasant dietician Ms. Bonnie gives us an image of the things she most deeply cares about and will remember for her entire life.


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  • Curi Lawrence 1

    by Tyler Length:

    Mount Assistant Principal Curi Lawrence takes us back old school for some "around the way" and "on the block" music she grew up with.


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  • Kirsten Olson 1

    by Siobhan Length:

    Kirsten Olson talks about musicians she's seen live on her first ever Superintendent's Playlist!


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  • Heather Austin 1

    by Nasir Length:

    Mrs. Austin the Principal of Mt. Pleasant High School took some time out of her busy day to come down & record her first SIP, I Hope you guys enjoy it because I did.


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  • Ella Burton 1

    by Cierra Length:

    Mount Assistant Principal Ella Burton completes her first SIP!  We're so pleased to have her as a substitute SIP host.



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  • Mark Holodick 3

    by Devon Length:
    Dr. Mark Holodick is back for his third Superintendent's Playlist. In this show Dr. Holodick tells about some of his favorite singers and songwriters.
    Dr Holodick
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  • Dorrell Green 1

    by Jared Length:
    Jared sat down with BSD Assistant Superintendent Dorrell Green (Let the record show this man smelled phenomenal) for a Superintendent's Playlist full of eclectic songs that helped him recall life milestones.
    Dorrell Green
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  • Paul Wishengrad 1

    by Chrissy Length:
    Mount CTE teacher and WMPH manager Paul Wishengrad visits for an hour with radio student Chrissy, to get her musical responses to his all-Daniel Lanois playlist.   
    Mr Wish with glasses  
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  • Anne Hoffman 1

    by Jyaire and Shamarra Length:
    In our first ever 2.0 Superintendent's Playlist, Jyaire and Shamar'ra get to be a part of the show instead of just recording, listening, editing and producing.   They also get to talk about how DPM Youth Media Producer Anne Hoffman's music made them feel, and share some of their own music.
    Anne Hoffman

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  • Scott Kessel 1

    by Ashley Length: 1:14
    Mr. Kessel's first SIP!  His first show is songs all from the 70s.
    scott kessel  

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  • Alexis Andrianopoulos 3

    by Chynna Length: 1:01
    Alexis Andrianopoulous came back for the 3rd time giving us an superintebdent's playlist 

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  • David Blowman 3

    by Sam Length:
    Delaware Deputy of education, Mr. David Blowman was pretty satisfied with the work we did with his first two playlists, so he returned for his third one! This one is a list of Covers Thru Time. Enjoy!
    Mr David Blowman

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  • David Blowman 2

    by Logan Length:
     Former district CFO and current Delaware Deputy Secretary of Education, and district parent David Blowman returns for another edition of The Superintendents Playlist, with a line-up of cheesy songs! 

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  • Mark Murphy 1

    by Daquan Length:
    We were very pleased to have the opportunity to host Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy in December 2013.    Student recording engineers Jordan and Max recorded him, and Daquan edited it.
    Mark Murphy  

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  • Alexis Andrianopoulos 2

    by Zaire Length:
    The District's Public Information Officer Alexis Andrianopoulos is back challenging our listeners with another fun mystery theme!  Guess right and you could win a prize!
    Alexis Surprised

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  • Mark Holodick 2

    by Jordan Length:
    Dr. Mark Holodick returns to tell you about his favorite songs he listens to during the week 
    Dr Holodick

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  • Jim Simmons 1

    by Joey Length:
    Then School Climate and Culture Leader (now Brandywine HS Principal) Jim Simmons takes us back to the music of his college days as he fills in for Dr. Holodick.
    Jim Simmons

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  • John Skrobot

    by Mr. Wishengrad Length:
    School Board President and one of the WMPH "founding fathers" John Skrobot is guest host.
    John Skrobot  

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  • Alexis Andrianopoulos

    by Joey Length:
    Guest Host and district PIO Alexis Andrianopoulos brings us a playlist with a mystery theme!  Can you guess it and win the prize?
    Alexis in Prod 2

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  • David Blowman

    by James Length: 59:00
    Our first Guest Host is former CFO, current Deputy Secretary of Education, and district parent David Blowman.
    David Blowman

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  • The Superintendent's Playlist - Inaugural

    by Length:
     The inaugural SIP created and voiced in December 2012 by Dr. Mark Holodick, Superintendent.
    Dr Holodick

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Last Modified on May 7, 2018