• The Carline Conversation 

    WMPH hopes you already have 91.7 FM set as one of your car radio buttons.  We play music you love while you wait in that car line to pick up your student at one of our BSD schools, try us out! Afternoons at about 3:15pm (while you're waiting in that car line, Mom) we take 3-5 minutes to tell you about an awesome person or program working in the district.
     Rowan and Creston       
    Listen to your radio or the streaming for these short episodes of "The Carline Conversation" most weekdays at 3:15pm, or click on the bold title below to hear it now.

  • Japanese Club

    by Kyle Length:

    WMPH staffer Kyle investigates what they do at Mount Pleasant High School's Japanese Club.  Do you have to know Japanese or eat raw fish?

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  • John Skrobot III

    by Liam Length:

    One of the newest members of the Brandywine School District school board,  Mr. Skrobot is the son of lately departed board president of the same name.

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  • Black Student Union at Mount

    by Cole Length:

    Cole had a chance to talk to both co-founders of Mount's Black Student Union, Jada and Tyler.   What's it all about?

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  • FAFSA Day

    by Arielle Length:

    Brandywine school district commited to getting seniors to fill out their financial aid forms. Arielle speaks with guidance counselor Ms. Herskowitz about FAFSA Day.

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  • Foreign Exchange Program at Mount

    by Zaria Length:

    Zaria talks to ms. Baczewski about the foreign exchange program

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  • Mattress Sale

    by Shifreya Length:

    Shifreya talks to Laura Bigley and Kelli Bradley about the swim team and after prom matress sale

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  • STEM Progam

    by Shawn Length:

    Shawn interviews Mr. Twiley about the STEM program here at Mount in this Carline Conversation.

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  • No Name Calling Week

    by Will Length: 3:52

    WMPH Staffer Will sits down with Margit Olson about a new Anti-Bullying campaign.

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  • JROTC at Mount

    by Jackie Length: 4:18

    Cadet Captain Maddie Matthews talks about are JROTC program.

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  • Mount Has Puerto Rican P.R.I.D.E

    by Jadyn Length: 9:00

    Mount Pleasant's Curi Lawarence sits down with student, Jadyn, to discuss the efforts of Mount students to help support victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

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  • Concord High Engineering Department

    by Creston Length: 4:39

    Senior Rowan from Concord's Engineering department stopped by to interview with WMPH staffer Creston about his team's recent national honor:  First Place in the SourceAmerica Design Challenge - for the second year in a row!

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  • Spanish Immersion Program

    by Maya Length: 6:05

    WMPH staffer Amaya "Maya", sits down with Cora Scott to talk about new Spanish Immersion Program.

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  • BSD Farm 2 School Initiative

    by Jada Length:

    The Brandywine School District began implementing Farm-to-School practices in their schools to support local farmers and because they know that the produce is fresh, wholesome, and delicious!

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  • BSD Teacher Wins Teacher of the Year

    by Deirdre Length: 4:55

    WMPH staffer Deirdre interviewed Mt Pleasant Elementary School teacher Wendy Turner.

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  • Tickets For Hidden Figures

    by David Length: 6:57

    WMPH staff talked to Tamecah Pinkney about anonymous gift of movie tickets for an entire 8th grade class.

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  • Springer MLK Day

    by Creston Length:

    Creston talked with Mr. Pidgeon from Springer Middle School about their successful MLK Day of Service.

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  • WMPH Radio Camp

    by Jorden Length: 3:17

    Jorden talks to Mr. Wishengrad about the radio summer camp at WMPH

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  • MPH TV

    by Nico Length: 2:35

    Nico sits down with Mr. Simmons, who is the head of Mount Pleasant's audio and visual department and MPH-TV, a YouTube channel that has original content from the Mount Pleasant students.

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  • Mount Pleasant JROTC

    by America Todd Length: 3:53

    MR. Pankiw (Colonel) and America talk all about the JROTC program at Mount Pleasant.

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  • Mount P.R.I.D.E.

    by Nasir Length:

    Nasir talked to Mr. O'Hanlon about Mount P.R.I.D.E.


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  • Mount Pleasant Engineering Program

    by Siobhan Dougherty Length: 3:11

    Mr. Twilley discusses Mount Pleasant's Engineering Program, WikiHouse First State, and the Miss Makers club!

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  • Brandywine Education Foundation

    by Tyler Length:

    Tyler had sat down with Mr.OHanlon to talk about his program the (BEF), who is the president of the Brandywine Education Foundation, and as well he's a social studeis teacher

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  • 2016 Capital and Operating Referendum

    by Devon Length: 3:52

    BSD Superintendent Mark Holodick came in and discussed the 2016 Capital and Operating Referendum, and how students and other people can help out.

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  • College & Career Center

    by Cierra Length: 3:00

    Cierra sat with Ms.Mcknight who is the librarian, teacher of the year, and advisor of College & Career Center here at Mount Pleasant High! They discussed the benefits of the program with a testimonial included as well.

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  • Distracted Driving = Not Good!

    by Melanie Length:
    Melanie parlayed an audio project for her Driver's Education class into this Carline Conversation about the temptations and consequences of trying to drive while distracted by people and devices.

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  • Mayor William's Response to City Gun Violence

    by Max Length:
    Max worked until he got an interview with Mayor Dennis Williams' Director of Communications Alexandra Coppadge.   In their interview, they asked and answered some hardball questions.
    Alexandra Coppadge and Max  Alexandra Coppadge

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  • Lonnie Williams

    by Trevon Length:
    Trevon had a chance to talk to Lonnie Williams, National kick returner of the week, over the phone.

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  • Update on KBG

    by Shamarra Length:
    Shamarra had a chance to sit down and interview Gabrielle Plummer the Leader of Kick Butts Generation (KBG).

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  • MLK Peace Event

    by Chynna Length:
    Wilmington community organizer Vanity Sanders came in to be interviewed by Chynna about the upcoming MLK Peace event and community celebration.

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  • Families In Transition

    by jyaire Length: 3min
    We got to talk about a surprising problem in school. Click to find out.

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  • The Green Flash is back!

    by Ashley Length: 3:40
    Ashley had the chance to sit down with Ms. Douglas and David.  They discussed the school newspaper and how it helps student. 
    Ms D and David  

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  • Bellevue Community Center

    by Trevon Length:
    Trevon had a chance to sit down and talk with Joe Wisniewski, the program director of the Bellevue Community Center (aka his basketball coach).

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  • Adolescent Resource Center Of Delaware

    by Max Length:
    Philinda Mindler from the Adolescent Resource Center of Delaware came in for an interview with Max.

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  • Brandywine Education Foundation

    by Chrissy Length: 3:45
    Mount Pleasant history teacher Mr. William O'Hanlon came in to talk to Chrissy about the Brandywine Education Foundation.
    Chrissy and Mr. O  

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  • Violence and Poetry

    by trevon Length:
    City of Wilmington Councilman Nnamdi Chukuocha talked with Trevon about making peace, making rhymes, and being a twin.
    Nnamdi  trevon

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  • KBG and All For One

    by Melanie Length: 5:40
    Teddy is one of student leaders in KBG (Kick Butt Generation) came in to talk about the group All For One.
    TP and MM

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  • Asperger's Syndrome

    by Alex Length:
    Shonda Schilling, wife of three time World Series champion Curt Schilling took time out of her busy schedule to talk to Alex over the phone about her public speaking tour and her sons diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome. 
     Shonda Schilling and son.  alex

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  • Spirit Week Hallways

    by Mikyhial and Logan Length: 3 mins
    It's Spirit Week, and one Mount tradition is for different classes (sophomores, juniors, seniors) to go all out decorating hallways around the building.  Jordan, Mikyhial and Logan describe and evaluate their work.    Mostly evaluate.
     Mik and Log

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  • KBG

    by Des Length: 5:03
    Rachel Herskowitz, a math teacher here at Mount ,  is also the new director of Kick Butts Generation  (KBG) . She came im talk with Des about the student-led smoking prevention group.
    ms h and des

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  • Great Schools

    by Sam Length: 4:54
    Mr. Chris Fullman was kind enough to visit WMPH studios for a short interview with Sam about Great Schools, which is a very effective website that helps many parents and students get a lot of quality information about schools in the whole nation.
     Mr Chris Fullman and Sam

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  • Block Schedule

    by Jared Length:
    Mr. Martin Reagan came back to visit his former school to sit down with Jared to talk about the new block schedule in all BSD middle and high schools. 
    Mr. Reagan and Jared   

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  • Jill's Stand Against Bullying

    by Daquan Length:
    Anti-bullying crusader and BSD student Jill Lindenhofen stopped by to tell us a little about bullying prevention work that she does around the district.

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  • Snow Days

    by Logan Length:
    Assistant Superintendent of School Operations Dorrell Green comes in to talk about snow days and what the situation about making up days is.
    Logan and Dorrell Green  

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  • Spread The Word To End The Word

    by Jordan Length:
    Mark Mayer supervisor of the Special Education Program, Kristin Pidgeon special needs PTA and a district parent, and Ruth T. Coughlan Director of Communications for Special Olympics,  come into our station to talk the important things that they do in our district for the Special Education Program.
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  • Special Education Programs

    by Jordan Length:
    Mark Mayer supervisor of the Special Education Program, Kristin Pidgeon special needs PTA and a district parent, and Ruth T. Coughlan Director of Communications for Special Olympics,  come into our station to talk the important things that they do in our district for the Special Education Program.
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  • Special Needs PTA

    by Jordan Length:
    Mark Mayer, supervisor of the Special Education Program, Kristin Pidgeon special needs PTA and a district parent, and Ruth T. Coughlan Director of Communications for Special Olympics,  come into our station to talk the important things that they do in our district for the Special Education Program.
    Jordan with Spread the Word Guests  

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  • Race To The Top

    by Tyler Length:
    Superintendent Dr. Mark Holodick visitied to talk about his own career and Race To The Top funding.
    Tyler and Dr H  

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  • No Bully

    by Mikyhial, Jordan and Logan Length:
    Jordan and Tyler interview Mr. Nicholas Carlisle, executive director of No Bully.  This version is produced by Logan, Mikyhial and Jordan.

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  • Bullying and Harrassment

    by Zaire, Chris, and Joey Length:
    An interview with Nicholas Carlisle, the Executive Director of No Bully; a program that trains schools how to end student bullying and harrassment.   This version of TCC is produced by Zaire, Joey and Chris.

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  • Springer Challenge Day 2013

    by Ashley Dalzell-Gray Length:
    A few of the realizations and resulting pledges made by students at Springer Middle School during Challenge Day 2013.

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  • Principal Joyce Skrobot Retirement in 2012

    by Ashley Dalzell-Gray Length:
    A conversation with Principal Joyce Skrobot, on the eve of her retirement in 2012.

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  • BSD Youth Basketball Program

    by Ashley Dalzell-Gray Length:
    A conversation with Principal Ned Gladfelter about the blossoming BSD youth basketball program.

    carline with buses
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