Choice Decisions

students sitting at desks
  • Once the applications for Open Enrollment are in and the numbers have been run, you will receive an email from BSD with the decision on your child's choice assignment.  Your child will either be 

    • Invited - Your child will be invited to attend the school of their choice in the following school year. There will be clear instructions given on how to accept the invitation.


    • Waitlisted - If there is limited space in the school of your choice and the available spots are filled before your number is reached, then you will be put on a waiting list.  Don't despair!  Often student numbers change during the summer.  Some may move out of state, others may decide to attend private school and those seats will open.  


    • Denied - Unfortunately, some students will be denied school choice.  This decision is often a result of missing deadlines, or previous low student attendance or other criteria that haven't been met.  Children who are denied will be automatically enrolled in their feeder school and may reaply for the following school year.