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    Welcome back, Alumni!   Thanks for submitting liners to "The Project"!


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    Dear WMPH Alums -
    We hope that wherever you live and whatever you are doing in life, you look back fondly on the memories you have of your time here at Delaware's first high school radio station, Super 91.7 WMPH!
    We also hope you enjoy listening to what current radio students are up to, listening locally to 91.7 FM or to the 24-hour streaming right here on the web site.  
    <---  The button to start the streaming is the second one in column at left.  Two more play buttons and you should have streaming WMPH audio.
    Students are currently collecting liners voiced by WMPH alumni, we are trying to gather liners from as many of our far-flung former student DJs as we can.
    If you have worked at WMPH in the past, would you please click below to find four sample liners?
    Please record one, two or more of these liners to an MP3 and send it to paul.wishengrad@bsd.k12.de.us.
    We will edit these down, and put them on the air as soon as they come in!  
    Please help us spread the word:  YOUR voice can get back on WMPH - today!
    Any questions, please drop me a line.
    Thanks for your support of Super 91.7 WMPH!
    -Mr. Wishengrad
    CTE Teacher, WMPH Manager
    Mr. Wish with glasses
Last Modified on July 12, 2018