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    Mr. Simmons' Audio Engineering classes and Mr. Wishengrad's Radio classes are making PODCASTS for "Student Voices" - a mix of music and podcasts that airs every weekday evening after 7:00 - two hours on Fridays!    Give it a try some evening after Marketplace, here on 91.7 FM or the streaming (button at left), or just click below to hear one right now!
       Jackie   David   Shifreya   Shawn   Jada   Amaya   

    We asked Level II students to produce 7-10 minute podcasts by asking "What are YOU passionate about?".   The results range from social injustice to TV shows to the NFL Draft.  

         These air on WMPH after 7:00pm on weekdays (right after "Marketplace"), or pick and click below.
    Listen to the radio or the streaming for these shows at the time listed on our Program Schedule (find the schedule in the left column), or simply click on the name below to hear it now.   Enjoy your podcast!
  •  Teacher Voice Podcasts

    Nasir and Ms Austin    Off Owens and Chynna   Ms Howton and Sham

    WMPH Radio students introduce the school and the community to some new staff here at school. 
    Scroll down for "Teacher Voice" podcasts below (5-7 minutes), and listen for them on 91.7 FM!
    Listen to the radio or the streaming for these shows after 7:00pm on Friday evenings (our WMPH Program Schedule is here), or simply click on the name below to hear it now.   Enjoy your podcast!

  • TEACHER VOICE: Science Teacher Mrs. Olson

    by Siobhan Length:

    Siobhan sits down with Margit Olson, a teacher who went from co-teaching to having her own classroom. 


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  • TEACHER VOICE: French Teacher Ms.Hornberger

    by Tyler Length:

    Mount Pleasant French Teacher Ms.Hornberger sits down to talk with Tyler do discuss how she likes Mount and her visit to Quebec.


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  • TEACHER VOICE: Nurse Kunz

    by Devon Length:

    Mount pleasant's newest nurse, nurse kunz sits down with Devon to discuss how she likes mount so far, and her expirences in the nursing world.


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  • TEACHER VOICE: ELA Teacher Ms. Howell

    by Cierra Length: 5:13

    Cierra, along with classmate Siobhan, interview English teacher Ms.Howell here at Mount Pleasant High School.  The successor opens up about taking the place of a deceased teacher.


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