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    Springer Middle School’s Anti-Bullying Program


    Springer’s Anti-Bullying Program consists of three levels.


    The first level is education.  During homeroom, we reviewed the definition of bullying and cyberbullying as well as our expectations on how to handle bullying.  The enclosed poster shows the definitions and expectations.


    Staff received the information along with the students.  Reminders about staff expectations are also done through the weekly staff newsletter. 


    An alertNow provides parents information about our website resources in addition to our posters, etc.  Parents can download cyberbullying help using the “Net Cetera” booklet.  The original booklet is enclosed.  Students have their own version of how not to get caught up in cyberbullying on our web as well.



    The second level is reporting.  We created what we call the CAPSULE program:  Creating A Positive, Safe, United, Learning Environment.  



    The third level is counseling and transformation of the bully.  The guidance department will review materials individually with the bully.  Materials and contracts are enclosed.  The victim is worked with as well.