Department Chair:
    Ms. Jeanmarie Leonard 
    Welcome to the Social Studies Department of Brandywine High School.  Our department includes teachers and instructors who have been publicly acclaimed, nominated for teacher of the year, named teacher of the year, and upgrade their skills by attending seminars such as the week long Harvard University School of Excellence. 
    Our department maintains its rigor throughout its curriculum of Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Prep classes.  Our diverse methods of instruction enable students to enjoy course content as they develop and grow their skills.  We are confident in saying that our passion for teaching will reach the social scientist and reflective inquirer in all of you.  Our journey of social studies begins with fun, development, and wonder.  It continues upon graduation with inspiration, fulfillment, and excellence.  Please join us for the journey.  It will be a ride you will always remember!
    Feel free to contact either department chair if we can help you with anything.


    Mr. Edmond Gibbons

    Mr. Matthew Houck

    Ms. Jeanmarie Leonard

    Mr. Christopher Smeader

    Ms. Kathryn VanSuch



    Honors Civics
    Honors Economics
    AP Psychology
    Intro To Law
    AP Government and Politics
    World History
    Honors World History
    AP World History
    United States History
    Honors United States History
    AP United States History
    AP Modern European History
     Flag Day 1916