• Driver's Education
    Driver education is a 10th grade course only. Students who are beyond the 10th grade must secure documentation from their assigned counselor before being admitted. In order for a 10th grade student to successfully complete the driver education course he or she must pass the following: 30 hours of classroom instruction and 14 hours of driving instruction. Prerequisites: Must be enrolled in the 10th grade. The end of the year report card (9th grade) must clearly indicate the student has earned 5 credits. All students must be academically eligible at the time they are assigned to drive. Academic eligibility is determined by the student's most recent report card. During the school year a student must be passing 3 of 4 classes to be eligible to drive. Students who fail to meet this requirement for two (2) consecutive semesters will have failed Driver Education for the calendar year. 5103 is the fall class and 5104 is the Spring class. This course is scheduled for the same period as (5092) Health, with Driver Education class time scheduled for the 1st quarter (3 weeks) of the semester.
    Mr. Chuck Clausius - charles.clausius@bsd.k12.de.us
    Mr. Stephen Harden - stephen.harden@bsd.k12.de.us
    Courses Offered:

    Driver's Education - 10th grade