• The BHS School-Based Health Center
    Brandywine School-Based Health Center
    1400 Foulk Road, Wilmington, DE 19803
    (302) 477-6750 Phone
    (302) 477-6753 Fax
    Center Coordinator: Jennifer Barbieri

    We are a non-profit social service agency located in New Castle County whose mission is to help people improve their lives and life prospects. Our priorities are clear ~ to provide services that will enable families to build on existing resiliencies to become healthy individuals and contributing partners within our community. We look forward to working with you and the students of Brandywine.


    Adolescents are typically a medically underserved part of our population. They need an accessible source of care sensitive to their developmental and emotional needs. Schools are an ideal setting for adolescents to receive preventive health services. Having on-site health services and education will help increase school attendance and improve the student’s ability to concentrate in class. School-Based Health Centers help teens overcome many obstacles to receiving good health care such as lack of transportation, inconvenient appointment times, or worries about cost and confidentiality.


    Brandywine High School's School-Based Health Center is staffed by friendly, caring and licensed professionals. It is their goal to provide comprehensive medical and mental health care, treatment and health education to promote positive physical and mental health. The School-Based Health Center will work closely with your primary healthcare provider to create a health care resource you can rely on. If you have not yet found a primary healthcare provider, the School-Based Health Center can help you locate one.

    The School-Based Health Center Advisory Council, comprised of parents, students, faculty and healthcare providers, developed the services available at each school. Any student registered at Brandywine High School is eligible to become a member. Your high school’s School-Based Health Center adheres to Federal regulations governing confidentially of care. However, School-Based Health Centers encourage students to involve their parents or guardians in their healthcare. Parents and guardians are invited to call with questions or arrange to visit the School-Based Health Center.

    How to Access Wellness Center Services

    Pick-up an enrollment form from the School-Based Health Center, Room 102.


    Have your parent/legal guardian complete the enrollment form


    Return the form to the School-Based Health Center, room 102. If you are sick, visit the school nurse first for a referral. For other needs, make an appointment at the School-Based Health Center.

    You may be referred by the School Nurse, Guidance Counselor, Teacher, Parent, School Psychologist, Administrator, Friend or Self.

    Wellness Center Staff

    The following are the Brandywine School-Based Health Center Staff:
    Jennifer Barbieri, APRN-CNP
    Sarah Teaney, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Regina Johnston, Registered Dietician
    Meg Brown, Administrative Assistant
    Michelle Galloway, APRN-CNP


Last Modified on August 25, 2017