photo of PE teacher

Physical Education with Ms. Newcomb

  • Hi!  My name is Wendy Newcomb and I am the physical education teacher.  I am very proud to say that I have been teaching PE at Carrcroft for over 25 years!

    As a physical educator I attempt to expose my students to a variety of fitness concepts and numerous ways to exercise to inspire them at a young age to discover ways they will chose to exercise for a lifetime.  Throughout the year students will experience activities such as tag games, fitness circuits, climbing the rock wall, using fitness balls, bowling, and Dance, Dance Revolution.

    I strive to make my classroom an inviting atmosphere were each student can feel confident in their own ability.  All of my activities are non-competitive, so that at the conclusion of each lesson it is about effort and not about who won or lost.  Physical education is also an excellent subject to teach about cooperation, problem solving and for students to develop social skills.

    I also teach lessons that incorporate core subjects, such as math and reading.  Examples of these lessons are “Super Speller” using primary spelling words, “The Amazing Race” which incorporates geography, and “Shoot for Loot” which reinforces money values and math.

    I also have created and am responsible for programs such as P.E. Overtime for the 4th and 5th grade students and Field Day for the whole school.

    Additional items:

    Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility and safety by wearing sneakers each week for class. A note from an adult is also expected if a student is unable to wear sneakers for a certain PE class.

    Follow our activities for pictures and information about current lessons on Twitter at Wendy Newcomb @Carrcroftpe, #carrcroftstory, and #crocsunite.