Welcome to the Library

  • My name is Donna Moloney and I am your child’s Library teacher!  I am in my second year as a Library/Media Specialist and have spent over 20 years in elementary education. 

    The Carrcroft Elementary Library Media Program seeks to create an environment that encourages 21st century learning for all students by providing equal access to information and encouraging lifelong learners. The library media center strives to be the center of learning that produces creative students who have an appreciation of literature, technology, critical thinking skills, and the respect for others and self. 

    The Library at Carrcroft is an exciting and busy place of learning!  Students are given the opportunity to check out books weekly and are taught how to be responsible for their books. The Library seeks to obtain the latest award winning and highly reviewed books in to the hands of its students.  We are always looking for volunteers to help with many tasks and duties, so please feel free to volunteer any time you can give to keep our Library up and running!  Check us out on Twitter @LibraryCrocs to see all of our events and stay up to date!

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