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Social StudiesSocial Studies
Department Chair: Mr. John Schropp
Chris Belair:  Civics and Economics; World History
Daryl Fried:  World History; Advanced Placement World History
William Grossman:  Civics and Economics
Matthew Hoopes:  World History; United States History
Robert Killen:  World History; Advanced Placement Government and Politics
Jennifer McKelvey:  Civics and Economics; Sociology; Psychology; Introduction to Law
Glenn Runyon:  United States History; Civics and Economics
John Schropp:  United States History; Advanced Placement United States History; Film and American History
The Social Studies curriculum is designed to prepare students for their role as citizens of the United States and citizens of the global society. The curriculum places emphasis on the history and culture of other societies. It also attempts to help students understand themselves and the society in which they will live. Students are required to enroll in three years of Social Studies; however, four years are highly recommended.
Social Studies Department Course Offerings
  • 9th Grade: Civics/Economics (2 Levels - Full Year Courses)
  • 10th Grade: World History (2 Levels - Full Year Courses)
  • 11th Grade: U.S. History (2 Levels - Full Year Courses)
  • 11th and 12th Grade: Social Studies Electives
    • Comparative Religion/Philosophy (Semester)
    • Economics (Semester)
    • Introduction to Law (Semester)
    • Psychology (Semester)
    • Sociology (Semester)
    • Movies and American History
    • AP European (Full Year)
    • AP U. S. History (Full Year)
    • AP Government (Full Year)
    • AP World History (Full Year)
NOTE: Seniors have priority in selecting the electives listed above.   The electives are open to juniors on a space available basis provided they are taken along with the required junior level courses.
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