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Department Chair: Brandy Short
Department Members:
Jim Bosma (Integrated Science 9)
Wayne Ravenell (Integrated Science 9)
Nina Harasika (Biology)
Joshua Patent (Chemistry)
Leslie Mclean (Physics/Biology)
The members of the Concord High School Science Department believe that today's student is entering a world where science and technology play an ever-increasing role in their lives.
As part of the school’s dedication to help its students to become informed and productive citizens of the world, the department fosters this development by providing students with content knowledge that covers Delaware State Science Standards.  These well researched instructional practices prepare students for post secondary endeavors by engaging them in inquiry-rich scientific investigations while using up to date instructional technology. 
Students become confident problem solvers and embrace a genuine love of learning about the nature of the world around them.

Science National Honor Society

Last Modified on September 20, 2016