On December 4, 5 & 6,the play will be presented each evening at 7 PM (no matinee).  The ConcordPlayers will present “Fools” by Neil Simon.  The play is about a young, enthusiastic teacher, Leon Tolchinsky (Aidan McDermott), entersKulyenchikov, a Russian village, to find the villagers speaking a plethora ofaccents — none of which are Russian. He first encounters Something SomethingSnetsky (Natalie Foschi), searching for her lost sheep.  Furthermore, peopleput dust on items rather than dusting them off and milk cows upside down to getmore cream (Yenchna the vendor, played by Mia Cedeno): common sense is notcommon! Leon soon learns that Kulyenchikov is under the influence of a200-year-old curse, which makes everyone in the village a fool. This curse isdescribed to him in great detail by Dr. Zubritsky (Noah Cedeno) and his wifeLenya (Bevan Fields). Leon ambitiously decides that he will be the one to breakthe evil curse (imposed upon the town by Count Gregor Yousekevitch (Joe Meck)and return the villagers’ intelligence. To break the spell, he must teach thebeautiful, young Sophia (Melissa Kennard), which is a daunting task given thather greatest accomplishment to date is learning to sit. To make matters worse,Leon has only 24 hours to educate Sophia; and if he fails, he too becomes afool! Since Leon falls madly in love with Sophia, his desire to break the spellbecomes even more pressing. His efforts are helped along by Mishkin, thepostman (Nick Fagnilli), Slovitch, the butcher (Tierra Presbury), and the townMagistrate (Binta Edwards). Will Leon find a way to break the curse, or will hebe another fool in love?


    Tickets are sold at the dooror you can reserve your “Will Call” ticket by calling Concord’s main office at 302-475-3951.   Please come out and support the Concord Players.  You will not be disappointed! 

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