• Concord High School Morning Announcements

     November 16, 2017

    • Art Club has a meeting today after school in BB213
    • The Acoustic Cafe will be held this Thursday from 4-8 at Barnes and Noble on 202. Anyone who wants to perform needs to see Ms. Gray today during lunch. We still need people to read poetry, short childrens stories, singers and musicians.
    • Winter essentials and food drive; Helping Delaware families get through the winter. From October 16th through December 1st we will be collecting childrens winter essentials and non-perishables items for those in need! Please be kind and donate!
    • Beginning Monday, November 27th we will be starting Activity Days. student activities, clubs, tutoring, etc. will be limited to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There should be no activities on Monday, or Friday other than sports's teams. Students must leave the building at the end of the school day on Mondays and Fridays.
    • Library will be open until 3:45 every Tuesday. Bus passes will be given to students that stay till 3:45pm.


    Upcoming College Visits:


    If you are interested in attending one of these informational sessions, you need to see Ms. Blasucci for a pass.  After receiving a pass, you must obtain your teacher’s permission and signature.

    No passes will be given to students the da;y of the college visit.

    Wednesday  11/15 @ 1:00pm - Montclair State Iniversity, NJ



    Please do not open the doors for anyone whether you know the person or not.  All visitors must report to the new entrance for the main office to sign in.  Please direct the person to the front doors where they will be opened. All students who arrive to school after 8am must also use the Main Entrance and sign in at the office.







    Attention juniors and seniors:  Don’t forget the check out the variety of scholarship opportunities available in guidance.


      Student Reminders

    Classroom disruptions cause lost learning time.   In order to minimize classroom disruptions, we ask you to follow these procedures:

    1. Are you having something dropped off for you?  Items will be left in the main office for you.  Please stop by in between classes to get the item.  We will not disrupt your class.
    2. Are you feeling sick??? Do you need to go home?  Please do not call home for a ride.  Please go to the nurse.  She will call your parent/guardian and make arrangements for you to be picked up.  This prevents us from disrupting your class.
    3. Early Dismissal – Please bring a note from your parent or guardian to the main office and we will write up a pass for you.  Your parent/guardian does not need to sign you out.  You will do this in the morning.  Please ask someone in the main office if you need help with this.   We will not disrupt your class when it is time for you to leave.
    4. Students are not allowed to order lunch for delivery at school.  Additionally, if you forget your lunch please do not ask your parent/guardian to bring you McDonald’s, Wendy’s, pizza, etc.  If you do have fast food delivered by a restaurant or your parent/guardian, it will be held for you in the main office until the end of the day.






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