• Health and Wellness at Concord
    Concord High School Nurse
    Sherry Menchaca, Phone: (302) 475-3965
    The main function of the school nurse is to take care of health-related problems and needs that occur during normal school hours. Injuries or other conditions occurring outside the school day are not the responsibility of the school, but rather, the family. The school nurse is not intended to be a substitute for a doctor or emergency room and should not be considered as such. Outside injuries and illness should be tended to immediately because complications can arise that could result in a loss of time from school.

    Students and parents are asked to contact the school nurse if they have any questions relative to the student’s medical needs.

    During the school year, health screening is provided for selected students. This screening includes vision, hearing, and speech as well as orthopedic screening. When conditions are found that merit attention, parents are notified.

    Health Examination Requirement for Students Entering Grade 9

    A requirement for a health examination prior to entry into 9th Grade was adopted in December 2011.  All students entering 9th Grade must have a health examination done within two years of entry into the grade. To assure compliance for September, we are urging our students to schedule appointments as soon as possible.

    If your child intends to participate in sports at Concord High School the DIAA Sports Physical Form must be completed after April 1st.

    Copies of these exams must be on file with the nurse. 
    Please read the following information about Prescription Drug Abuse:

Last Modified on March 13, 2018