The Brandywine School District


    Our Mission

    Embrace, Inspire and Challenge Every Student Every Day"

    Our Vision

    It is the Brandywine School District's vision to educate all students to their full potential so that each student may excel in the world community and develop a passion for life-long learning.

    Our Goals (As Summarized from our Strategic Plan):

    1 – Foster a culture of academic excellence, including high academic expectations for all.

    2 – Offer challenging curricula, across grades K–12.

    3 – Employ highly effective educators and provide training for all employees to create strong leaders, teachers, and support staff.

    4 - Tailor instruction to students’ needs, and give all students every opportunity to master rigorous curriculum.

    5 - Monitor our progress, and learn from our successes. Ensure that our tests align with what is being taught.

    6 - Intervene early, and provide help to students who need it.

    7 - Develop students’ talents, character and encourage engagement. Increase the percent of students involved in co-curricular activities.

    8 - Stewardship: Continue to improve effectiveness and efficiency of district operations.

Last Modified on February 10, 2011