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Supply Lists for Students in PE Classes:

MTP Physical Education T-shirt (may be purchased for $5(M-XL,$6 2X, $7 3X)  All first time freshmen will be provided one, however it is suggested that they have 2 so one is always clean.

Shorts or sweatpants - MTP green mesh may be purchased for $10 from PE staff

Athletic sneakers

Lock to secure valuables - prefer combination

1 subject notebook - PE Journal - will be left in class

Supply Lists for Social Studies:

All students in all Social Studies class are required to obtain the following supplies, and to bring them to class each and every day:


  • Assigned textbook, covered.
  • Three-ring binder with plenty of loose-leaf paper (does not need to be a "dedicated" binder, but must have a separate section for Social Studies).
  • Three two-pocket folders.
  • A pencil case containing:
    • Blue or black ink pens.
    • Sharpened pencils (for quizzes, graphs, etc.)
    • Red pens (for peer-editing.)
  • 3" x 5" note cards (at least 200).
  • Highlighters.
  • Agenda.

Students are also requested to supply one box of tissues for classroom use.


Supplies to be kept at home:

  • Color pencils.
  • Glue sticks.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Several sheets of poster board.
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus.
        •  Pencil Sharpener.