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    Curriculum Overview:

    The ELA curriculum at P.S. duPont includes diversity in literature and informational texts as well as vocabulary and grammar as set by the state standards. Our belief is that all students can learn, and our instruction includes critical thinking skills that provide students with the opportunity not only to engage with text but also to comprehend and appreciate a variety of genres. Students will learn how to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate complex texts, and they will be challenged to communicate through speech and writing for various authentic purposes and audiences to prepare them for success beyond middle school.

    P.S. duPont takes part in a whole school read at the beginning of the school year, and the book changes each year (A Long Walk to Water, Seedfolks, and The Crossover).

    Below is the link for the Common Core Standards for ELA:

    ELA Common Core Standards

    Extra-Curricular English Related Activities:


    P.S. duPont offers a half year of Shakespeare study after school once per week to provide students an opportunity to become familiar with the language of Shakespeare as well as to take part in the Delaware Shakespeare Festival.

    Debate Club:

    P.S. duPont offers a half year of learning the skills needed to argue effectively. This program takes place after school once per week.  Students learn the basics of argumentation as well as the middle school national standards for debating.  Students take part in different kinds of debates each week addressing a variety of current event topics.

    Spelling Bee:

    The P.S. duPont Spelling Bee is an after school activity that meets periodically through the fall until the school and state bee which take place in the winter and spring respectively. Students will be given opportunity to practice and prepare for the bee at scheduled meetings, and they are expected to study the words frequently at home.

    After-School Tutoring:

    After school tutoring for English occurs on Wednesdays after school and is used to support our students who struggle with reading comprehension as well as other areas of their English Language Arts classes such as vocabulary and writing. This program is run by teachers and students and is designed to support and aid struggling students beyond the regular school day. 

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shakespeare festival