Welcome to Kindergarten !
    Kristine L. Maynard
    Kindergarten Teacher
     Phone/Voicemail: 302-479-2220
     Room:   B-114

    About Me

    My Education:   Kutztown University- BS Elementary Ed.
                                 Additional Graduate Studies +45
    My Experience:    1981-1985    Louisa County Public Schools, Louisa,Virginia

                          1985-present  Brandywine School Discrict, Wilmington, Delaware

    Favorite Quote: The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught,
                            as that every child should be given the wish to learn.
                                           John Lubbock
    Teaching Philosophy:  

    I believe that caring and respectful bonds with children are the vital foundations for a wonderful learning experience. As the teacher, I believe that I have the ability to foster a child’s appetite for learning by showing that I truly care about them. Each child is unique and enters school with a variety of background experiences, learning styles and personalities.

    A teacher can help build a confident person by finding the strengths in each child.

    Learning happens in and out of the classroom. While in school, every child should be
    given opportunities to be successful in a stimulating learning environment. Finding
    small successes gives the child a desire to learn more. Enthusiasm and encouragement are very important in my kindergarten classroom.
    I want all of the children to be happy and love school so they can continue joyfully
    on their educational journey. It is important to me to have these little minds soak
    up a vast amount of knowledge in one school year. 
    Young children do best in a very “child-centered” classroom. Giving children
    choices to explore different avenues makes them feel important and gives them
    a great deal of pride and a sense of accomplishment.
    Finally, I believe that a teacher needs to use a great deal of energy, be very resourceful, creative, extremely flexible, and have a very vivid imagination! 
    Every day I am with these wonderful children, I am also learning! Every day is a gift.


    Personal Interests: swimming, photography, reading, art, decorating, crafts, shopping, rowing