• Copyright Policy 

    On June 4, 2012, the Board adopted Policy 06.19—Statement on Complying with the Federal Copyright Act. Policy 06.19 was required to be adopted by the Board by the Copyright Act (“the Act”). Under the policy, employees are expected to be aware of and comply with all elements of the Act. The policy also requires the Superintendent to create a regulation to help employees comply with the Act. Regulation R06.19.1 was created to comply with Policy 06.19. Policy 06.19 became effective on August 1, 2012. Regulation 06.19.1 requires the District (1) to create guidelines to use copyright protected work under the two exemptions that apply for employees of non-profit educational institutions known as the Face-to-Face Teaching and Fair Use Exemptions; (2) to create PowerPoint presentations that describe the requirements of the Act and the Face-to-Face Teaching and Fair Use exemptions; and (3) to post Policy 06.19, Regulation R06.19.1, the Guidelines, and the PowerPoint presentations on the Staff Link of the District Website and each School Website. Click here for the Brandywine School District Copyright Policy