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    Copyright Policy 


    The federal Copyright Act of 1976, as amended (“the Copyright Act”), limits when books, magazine or journal articles, photographs, pieces of art, radio or television broadcasts, video, music, and movies (known as “work” under the law) can be copied, displayed, performed, recorded, transmitted, and/or distributed by anyone other than the person who created the work.


    The Copyright Act requires public school boards to adopt a policy requiring employees and students to comply with the requirements of the Copyright Act.  Below is a link to view the Brandywine School District’s copyright policy, the regulation created to implement the policy, and other information concerning how the Copyright Act will be implemented in the schools of the Brandywine School District.


    Questions about the Board’s Policy and the District’s Regulation may be addressed to the Director of the Legal Department at (302) 793-5047. 


    Complete information about this policy, including resources for complying with the policy, can be obtained on the District's Staff webpage.  Click here to go to the Copyright Policy Information page.