CROC Patrol

  • Welcome to the CROC Patrol at Carrcroft! Being a patrol officer is a lot of work and a BIG responsibility. As a patrol officer, you are seen as a leader in your class and in our school. Younger students will look up to you, teachers will depend on you, and parents will recognize you. Wearing the belt means you agree to take on these responsibilities. Carrcroft CROC Patrol students are a group of students often seen in the building performing various duties to support our school and community.

    Patrol Responsibilities

    1. Safety Patrol participation offers students an early opportunity to serve as a school volunteer. It is an organization that promotes:
    • Citizenship
    • Leadership
    • Service
    • Responsibility

    1. The primary goals of a patrol are:
    • To help students to develop sound habits while on school property.
    • To foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship in patrol members.
    • To be good role models for all students.
    • To encourage students to observe Carrcroft Expectations at all times.
    • To know and enforce “fairly” all rules and regulations.