• Athletics

    Brandywine School District Athletic Philosophy

    The Interscholastic Athletic Programs in the Brandywine School District are viewed as an integral part of the educational process.  The development of well-rounded athletes is a challenging and often serious commitment.  Every practice session and competition is a teaching/learning opportunity.

    Athletics is a vehicle that can promote adolescent development.   Prog_Athletics

    • Athletics foster student development by promoting mental and physical growth by building confidence and self-image.

    • Athletics teach students to manage time, school, sports, and social events.

    • Athletics show students the reality of life through disappointments and accomplishments.

    • Athletics help to develop confidence in students and teaches them the values of teamwork.

    • Athletics develop strong healthy habits to enable their bodies to perform the necessary skills for their sport.

    • Athletics instill a sense of responsibility for the student's actions and a commitment of being counted on when needed.

    The Brandywine School District desires to promote student-athlete's mental, physical, emotional, and social development through well-supervised sports as a component of the overall educational program of the district.  The athletic program shall be operated in a manner which encourages students to participate, treats students with respect, and provides all team participants with fair opportunity to compete.