Meet Harlan's Administrative Team

Mrs. DeVaughn

Mr. Cuffy, Dean of Students

Monique DeVaughn Johnson, Assistant Principal

  • Estimada Familia,

    It is with great pleasure and blessing that I have been afforded the opportunity to serve our Harlan Family in the capacity of your Assistant Principal.

    I have devoted my career to passionately educating and purposefully serving Title I Schools for more than twenty years. In 1996, I began my teaching career in the Philadelphia School District as an ESOL teacher.  As my experiences, dedication, and love for the children grew, I was entrusted to contribute to several leadership positions, some of which included: mentor of new teachers, building Teacher of the Year, Dean, Small Learning Community Coordinator, and School Based Teacher Leader.

    Having served our Harlan Community in the classroom and in a leadership capacity since 2013, it was my privilege to serve as a teacher, Team Leader, and Harlan Teacher of the Year.

    My goal is to continue to work collaboratively in and with our school community, providing individualized learning and equitable outcomes for our children, while supporting our committed teachers and staff.  Collectively, we will foster a safe and culturally sensitive learning environment that promotes social, emotional, and academic growth.

    I AM Proud to Be BSD!  May You Be Proud of the Work You Do, The Person You Are, and The Difference You Make!

Douglas Cuffy, Dean of Students

  • Greetings!  My name is Douglas Cuffy, and I am entering my second year with Harlan Elementary!  I have been a school administrator for 7 years now after spending my first 6 years in education as an elementary and middle school math teacher.  All 13 years in education have been dedicated to making a difference here in the city of Wilmington, DE.  My focus is to continue to help build a safe, caring, academically nurturing environment for our kids.  Explicitly teaching mindfulness techniques, restorative practices and communication skills have allowed for our students to own the climate of our school.  I believe in establishing a warm, caring, safe environment in order for academic achievement to shine through.  My hopes are that by greeting every student and staff member each day with an encouraging smile, we will continue to learn and thrive together as a family!