Two friends
Students at Robotics competition

Belief Statement

  • We Believe that Students at Springer Middle School Should:

    • Have a positive self-concept and feel accepted.
    • Respect all cultures, rights, and beliefs of others.
    • Be goal-oriented and reflective in their learning.
    • Arrive prepared and ready to learn each day.
    • Approach tasks with persistence and confidence.
    • Cooperatively and collaboratively learn from self and others.
    • Take pride and care in the school facility and resources.
    • Conduct themselves in a peaceful, safe, and responsible manner.


    Our goal is structure, consistency and academic excellence. Striving to reach this goal must be a united effort on the part of parents, students and staff. The exposure to academics, elective courses, athletics and social interactions that students receive at Springer Middle School will have a direct impact on their high school career. We encourage each student to make the most of his/her middle school education. It is the key to their future!

    Dr. Tracy T. Woodson, Principal