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  • Welcome to Lombardy!

    Lombardy Elementary is home to 500 students from the North Wilmington area. Our staff and students create a close knit tapestry that helps prepare all students for the ever changing world ahead of them. Nestled just off of Route 202, Lombardy is surrounded by residential communities that house many of our students.

    Lombardy Elementary School is committed to offering the best educational experience to our diverse population by involving students in a variety of activities that challenge their academic and creative skills. We strive to build responsibility and promote teamwork and cooperation among out students. Utilization of curriculum and instruction aligned with the state standards ensures that our students are provided a high quality education. Our staff works diligently to meet out school goals by employing a framework of best teaching practices that focus on student success.


    Our Vision, Mission, and Goals

    Brandywine School District Mission

    Embrace, inspire, and challenge every student, every day


    Lombardy Elementary Mission

    To creatively use all of the resources within our extended reach to help all of our children appropriately learn to master what is good and essential for personal success in daily living in the 21st century


    Lombardy Elementary Vision

    Lombardy is a learning community creating opportunities for each child's success


    Lombardy Elementary Goals

    • Provide world-class academic experience that requires use of purposeful thinking and doing skills
    • Maintain high expectations for academic performance and personal conduct
    • Instill a respect for diversity in individuals, families, and communities
    • Actively involve parents/guardians in their children's education
    • Actively invlove parent/guardians and community in various aspects of the PTA
    • Serve children with special learning needs and abilities who find a suitable, purposeful learning environemtn in a non-restrictive setting
    • Provide each parent an opportunity to communicate thoughts, questions, concerns, and expectations refarding his/her child's education
    • Provide opportunites for staff and parents to share in the development, implementation, and assessment of school priorities, standards, and activities
    • Utilize current and developing technologies to maximize learning for all students