Welcome to Concord High School

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  • Our Philosophy

    Concord High School is a community of faculty and students dedicated to the intellectual,
    social, physical, and artistic growth of each student. At Concord, students develop the ability to reason, compute and communicate.  They learn to apply these skills independently. Concord expects its students to develop and improve their self-esteem.  They are self-disciplined and have a respect for authority.  Concord's students acquire life skills to help them lead healthy, active lives and be successful citizens. Concord creates an environment that encourages a positive attitude toward personal growth, the learning process, and the acceptance of responsibility for one's actions.


    Our Mission

    The mission of Concord High School is to create a challenging academic environment.  Our courses of study accept students where they are, directs them toward their goals, and fosters a positive attitude toward learning. Concord High School helps students become more self-aware, more sensitive to the needs of others, and more conscious of human dignity.

  • Welcome to the Concord family!  Concord is a community of learners striving for academic excellence in a safe, caring, supportive environment.  We ask our students to be clear about why they are here. They develop goals and a plan for their future and be responsible for their behavior. At Concord High School, we are bonded by a common philosophy, mission, and set of principles and goals called the "Concord Way." 

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  • The Six Points of the Concord Way

    • Compassion

    • Responsibility

    • Integrity

    • Self-Control

    • Respect

    • Perseverance

  • Our Goals

    Concord High School will provide:
    1. Courses of study that recognize individual differences; accept students where they are and direct them toward obtainable goals
    2. Challenges to the student in problem-solving experiences, experiences that help student deal with current and projected issues
    3. Opportunities to acquire and improve communication skills
    4. Experiences that help students become more aware of themselves, sensitive to the needs of others; and conscious of human dignity
    5. Opportunities that increase personal responsibility
    6. Situations that encourage self-expression and lead to clearer understanding of self-worth
    7. Opportunities that foster a positive attitude about learning
    8. Equitable opportunities in curricular and extracurricular activities
    9. Skills and services that will aid the student in seeking employment and/or higher education.