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    Parent Involvement Policy 2012-2013 School Year


    The Brandywine School district Title I Program exist to provide supplemental services for low achieving and Limited English Proficient students until they are able to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the state. The overall Title I program goal is to improve academic achievement and implement all statutory requirements. The Title I Parent Involvement goal is design and implement in meaningful consultation with parents activities and programs that assist all parents in helping their children achieve high academic standards. This policy states the opportunities for full participation of all parents and community members to ensure a meaningful partnership.


    General Expectations:

    ·         The district will conduct parent surveys using various means to design strategies that engage parents in ways to improve student performance at school, support student learning at home, and general parent practices.

    ·         The district will hold an annual meeting for parents of students in Title I schools to discuss the Title I school plan, review implementation of the plan, and invite suggestions for improvement.

    ·         Parents are encouraged to play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning at home and in school.

    ·         Parents will be included in Title I decisions about how funds for parental involvement are spent.

    ·         The Title Supervisor and/or Title I Parent Coordinator will provide coordination, technical assistance and other necessary support to assist participating schools with parent/community involvement programs and practices.


    The Brandywine School District will take the following actions to involve parents in the joint development of its District Parent Involvement Policy:

    ·         An established District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) made up of one to two parents from each school will meet monthly throughout the school year at flexible times to develop, evaluate, and revise, as needed, this policy annually.

    ·         The district will conduct, with the involvement of the DPAC, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of this policy and examination of student and school performance.  This evaluation will also specifically address barriers to greater participation by parents, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged, have limited English proficiency, limited literacy, and are any racial or ethnic minority background.

    ·         Copies of the Title I district policy will be distributed to all parents in all Title I schools, made available at the District Parent Center, and on the district’s website.

    ·         Each school receiving Title I funds will with the input of parents develop a School Compact/Agreement that outlines how parents and school staff will share responsibilities for student academic achievement and how the school and parents will build a strong partnership.


    The Brandywine School District will take the following actions to provide two-way, regular and meaningful home school communication:

    ·         Parents will be notified at the beginning of the school year of their right to request the professional qualification of their child’s teachers.

    ·         Parents will be notified of Title I services in the fall of each school year.

    ·         Communication of all key programs, activities, and school progress will be provided in a timely manner.

    ·         Communication sent to parents will be provided in a format and language that parents can understand, to the extent possible.

    ·         Title I schools will provide a weekly or monthly notice with school information and events.

    ·         The district’s website will provide regular updated information as it relates to Title I and ESL services, Parent Center programs and, parenting resources.


    The Brandywine School District will take the following actions to build capacity for strong parent involvement in schools to improve student academic achievement and school performance:

    ·         Parents will receive assistance with understanding the Federal and State educational goals, state content and student performance standards, assessments, and working with educators.

    ·         Opportunities for parents to learn about child development and child rearing, as appropriate and feasible will be provided.

    ·         Literacy training to assist parents in working with their children will be provided.

    ·         Parent volunteers and parental support will be sought out and welcomed.

    ·         Volunteers for translation services will be solicited when appropriate and feasible.


    The Brandywine School District will take the following actions to involve parents in school

    decision-making, advocacy and to work with parents as full partners in the decisions that

    affect student learning:

    ·         Parents will be solicited to serve on school improvement teams, family engagement teams, and other appropriate school teams.

    ·         Parents will be given an opportunity for involvement with the District Parent Advisory Council.

    ·         Task Force may be established to address specific areas of concern.

    ·         Training will be provided for parents serving on school teams and other committees.


    The Brandywine School District will take the following actions to collaborate with communities to strengthen family engagement and build parental efficacy to support student learning:

    ·         Parent Centers will be maintained needed communities.

    ·         Parent Centers provide access to community resources and provide opportunities for community agencies to present appropriate resources.

    ·         Resource libraries will be maintained with the inclusion of materials from community-based organizations and businesses providing parental involvement activities and information.

    ·         Community members will be solicited to serve on the district Parent Advisory Council and other committees as appropriate.