• Welcome to MPE Library!


    The mission of our MPE library is to provide students and staff with library resources needed to become creative users of ideas and information. 

    Our goal is to create life long learners and readers through exposing our students to quality children literature in an inviting and nurturing library environment.

     MPE students visit library once a week during their special time for 45 minutes. Students in grades 1st- 5th have book exchange (15min) and library lesson (30min).

    The curriculum for younger students in kindergarten and first grade is focused on: book care, book parts, the process of making books, and basic library organization.

    During story times we practice thinking skills, reading comprehension skills and story elements while enjoying the story and having fun.

    Our older students learn how to use library computer catalog to find an interesting book in our collection. They also practice how to use print and electronic information sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, almanacs, maps and atlases.

    The curriculum for students in the 4th and 5th grades is concentrated on practicing research skills with the use of electronic information sources such as data bases (reference on line) provided by University of Delaware and the Internet. For better learning outcomes, library lessons are often connected with student classroom assignments and projects.

    While we try to keep our focus on information skills, we still find some time to talk about books and reading. We introduce two new authors to our students every month; one author for our young readers and one for the older ones. We usually visit the author’s website to learn about him/her but first and foremost, we read the author’s books.

    Our library is a busy place with 39 classes to serve every week, but with our volunteers’ help we manage to keep it “nice and tide” so every student can find interesting and enjoyable books.



    Hanna Szostek School Librarian



    Tracy Tomasetti Library Assistant