Mt. Pleasant Elementary Early Dismissal Policy
    Dear Parents and Guardians,
         The Staff and Administration of Mt. Pleasant Elementary School are committed to providing all students with an outstanding educational experience, and go to great lengths each and every day to make the most of every minute that your child is in our care.  Our classrooms are busy learning environments from the moment that students arrive until the last student is dismissed.  I'm sure that we can all remember the intercom coming on and calling students to the office for early dismissal when we were in school.  Whatever was happening in the classroom came to a grinding halt until the student had packed up and left the room.  Such disruptions at the end of the day pose even more of challenge as teachers try to re-engage students at the end of a long day of learning activities.
       To provide all students with the educational experiences they deserve with minimal disruptions, we respectfully ask that parents and guardians avoid late in the day early dismissals.  For this reason, it is our school's policy not to dismiss students from our Main Office after 2:45 PM.
        Please also remember that our Office Staff will only release students to persons to whom the parents or guardians have given consent for release on the Student Emergency Card.  For the safety of our children, there will not be exceptions to this policy.  In all cases, photo identification will be required for verification prior to the release of students.  Again, for the safety of our children, there will be no exceptions to this policy.
        Thank you in advance for your support and assistance in allowing us to maximize the instructional time with our students and for respecting our safety protocols and practices to ensure student safety in and out of school.
    The Staff and Administration of Mt. Pleasant Elementary School