Expectations for Talley Students

  • Welcome Students,

    We welcome all students to Talley Middle School. The handbook linked below is intended to be a guide to the policies and procedures that govern the basic operation of our building. It is essential to academic success that all students use and understand this book. Administrators, counselors, and teachers will help answer questions about this booklet and/or topics that it addresses. During the first week of school, we will review this handbook with you. Students will then be asked to review this handbook again with their parents!

    Our goal is academic excellence, structure, and consistency. Striving to reach this goal must be a united effort on the part of students, staff members, parents, and the community. The academic, social, and athletic exposure students receive from Talley Middle School will have a direct impact on their high school tenure. We encourage each student to make the most of his/her education… It is the key to the future!