Learning at Talley Middle School

  • Click here for the 2020 school year remote learning block schedule!

Block Schedule
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  • Learning at Talley is a team effort between all disciplines. Teachers, parents, and staff all play an integral role in the development of a child.

    Below is the link offered through the Delaware Department of Education (DOE) that provides parents and guardians the ability to view an educator’s profile. Please make sure to select “Find an Educator/Verify Credentials.” 

    DEEDS Credentials  

    Click here for a middle years publication from the Brandywine School District. 

  • Block Schedule at Talley

    Talley operates on an eight block rotating schedule. We have four classes each day that are approximately 90 minutes. 

    Here is an example of a typical schedule:

    1. English Language Arts
    2. Math
    3. Social Studies
    4. Science
    5. Elective
    6. Elective
    7. Elective
    8. Elective